The Characteristics of a Good Boss vs. a Bad Boss

According to a U.S. survey, 49% of employees want to fire their boss if they could (GALLUP Management Journal). In every state, there’s a hierarchy of management that keeps the operation running smoothly. A Florida State University did a study in 2007 and according to this study, 40% of workers think they work for an unsuccessful boss ( A large part of having a positive experience at work could depend on whether you have a good, successful boss ( Working as a boss is not easy, and a good boss is even more difficult because there are so many qualities that a boss must have to run a successful business.

Leadership and management skills, personality, and a good work ethic are characteristics that a person must have to be a successful boss. A good boss will make their employee’s feel calm, appreciated, and inspired, whereas a bad boss will make you feel uneasy and resentful.

A good boss must have leadership skills.

A good leader must have the strength to work toward their vision, as well as to direct their actions, and the team’s actions toward the goal. A leader has a clear, vivid picture of where the team and they need to go, as well as a firm hold on what success looks like and how it needs to be achieved. Leaders are able to train others and be honest when an employee is not performing at their best. Leaders lead employees in a way that their talents and skills are utilized to bring in maximum productivity in their work.

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As a leader, a good boss leads by example, takes his responsibilities seriously, values time, and makes sure the job is done properly. A bad boss is a poor leader. Bad leaders try to control their employees through orders, policies, and rules. They don’t listen to their employees or only listen to complaints. They have the “Do as I say” approach and provide inadequate support.

Bad leaders treat their employees as if they don’t want to do a better job. They don’t motivate people and don’t care about their work. They don’t want to accept responsibility, and just don’t really want to work. Bad leaders treat their employees as if they are lucky to have a job. A good boss has to have management skills and be qualified for the position. A good manager can communicate their needs, expectations, and opinions to their employees. They should send correct messages to others and make sure they understand them. Good managers have to schedule, organize and follow their own plan. They must understand the rules and processes in the company and among people, and predict what will happen and when. A good boss will build trust which will make his team feel more appreciated and committed.

They can assign responsibility and define goals and has a clear vision in what direction he wants the team to grow. A good manager is flexible and adaptable, and is able to react quickly when facing any obstacles, and get through them without losing control. A bad manager lacks organizational skills and common sense. They will make turnover go up and productivity go down. A bad manager cannot accept suggestions for improvement or constructive feedback. If an employee has a work related issue, bad bosses can’t deal with disagreements and when an employee has positive performance, a bad boss fails to provide rewards or recognition. Bad bosses don’t care about employs satisfaction, even though it is essential to healthy teamwork, productivity, and initiative. A good boss must have a good work ethic.

A boss with a good work ethic will go the extra mile. A boss with a good work ethic gets noticed by their employees and this can leave an impression on their employees. A boss’s good work ethic can make their employees strive to work harder and perform at their best, which shows that they care. Employee’s want to feel like they are valuable members of the team, and want their boss to share operating plans and goals, and provide the “big picture” information when tasks and projects are delegated, so they know their on a team-oriented crew. The work ethic of a bad boss can make employees follow in the same footsteps. Employees will start to get lazy and not care about the business. Some could lose their jobs. Productivity will suffer as well as customers, and many negative habits can arise. Bosses need to show their employees that they care about them and want to work together to improve the way the business is operated.

Bosses with good work ethics will rub off on their employees to do more productive work and make sure demands are met. The personality of a good boss is important when trying to build a relationship with employees. Many people think that bosses are completely Type-A personalities with analytical mindsets, but they also need the Type-B traits that help them work well with people, especially in regard to communicating with them. Bosses interact with a variety of people with different backgrounds and they need to have a good personality to do so. Bosses should never forget about the human element and forget that people are the backbone of their company.

Bosses with bad personalities, will have the need to attack the innocent that are usually trying to help. A bad boss might say the ‘right words’ and know current theories, but they lose their employees trust because their behavior doesn’t match what they say. A boss with a good personality will be able to remain calm in stressful situations and handle any complaints that may arise. A bad boss doesn’t collaborate. He avoids conversation with employees and customers because he lacks basic communication skills or emotional skills needed for their role.

In conclusion, the majority of everyone that works has a boss. One’s individual behavior has an impact on how they run their business. Good bosses lead by example and have priorities and goals, whereas, bad boss’s micro-manage their employees and are poor leaders that dwell on mistakes. If an individual is a bad boss, they don’t have expectations or goals and will drive a business into the ground. Leadership and management skills, personality, and a good work ethic are characteristics that a good boss and a bad boss must have to be successful.

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The Characteristics of a Good Boss vs. a Bad Boss
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