Case analysis on Gen Y in the workforce

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After reading the case of “Gen Y in the Workforce” it can be understood that Generation Y in the workforce is interested to not just sticking to the regular schedule but also going beyond and thinking out of the box. In the case Josh had some new and fresh ideas to promote the Triple-F movie, which was appreciated by the CEO. As talked about the Generation Y, the Millennial are tech-savvy, smart and wants faster results and recognition. All these qualities can be very well seen in Josh with several instances like; he is always busy with his Iphone, his ideas regarding promoting the movies and the way he wants faster results from his work and recognition for which he went to the CEO directly with his idea.

Whereas Generation X in the workforce believes in step-by-step work, and achievement of results. They believe in following the protocol and are workaholics. They have a little traditional view and are struggling hard to cope up with the fast moving Gen Y.

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All these features are very well visible in Sarah. She believes in hierarchy and her role in the hierarchy. She understands the system of the workplace and follows it very religiously, works till late night keeping her personal life at bay. Clashes are bound to happen when these two generations come face to face.

Both the generations would dislike the format of each other’s work. But when coming together at a workplace, differences have to be kept aside and looked at the bigger picture.

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To do this both the generation need to understand and accept these differences, like in this case the way Josh by passed his direct head and met the CEO because of his hyper active demand for recognition and results shows his disregard for his boss and his team. Here, rather than meeting the CEO directly he could have explained his plan to Sarah with facts and figures, he could have dug more information regarding his idea to support his idea. This would have led to a peaceful workforce.

On the other hand, Sarah could have given a thought about Josh’s idea more before disregarding it completely with a counter argument. She could have discussed Josh’s idea in detail and how it might help the company. While making her presentation she could have mentioned about Josh’s idea and have given him the credit for it. This would have not only led to Josh’s motivation and interest towards his work, it would have also led to his organization commitment, overall a very effective solution to the problem so mentioned.

The management of the company is also working hard to mould the new and younger hires to get integrated to the team. Since all the company now-a-days have started to realize the difference between the generations they are working hard to bridge the generation gap through training of both the generations and increasing the cohesiveness of the team.

Hence, as a result for both the generation to work together, they need to understand the gap between the two generations and deal with the problem in a calm and composed manner so as to avoid conflict.

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