The Best and Worst of My Boss

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Everyone by nature has good and bad qualities. A Boss is no exception to this, therefore, the best boss I’ve ever had is also in some ways the worst.

I currently work alone with my boss and the owner of Heath Sign Company in Athens, Pennsylvania making vinyl and painted signs and graphics. One thing that makes a good boss is respect. My boss has many of the same values and ambitions as myself which makes it very easy for me to respect and admire him.

One day during the first week I worked with my boss I was feeling frustrated with my progress in learning the job. In order to break the tension my boss got up and as he left the room he announced “Time to go poop!” As time went on, once in a long while he may offer me a beer after we both close up shop as another way to relax and enjoy a job well done.

Interpersonal relations also make and undeniable impact on the quality and effectiveness of a boss. Fortunately Kevin Heath (my boss) has a great personality and is respectful, insightful, and considerate making him extremely easy to work with. It is also very important for a boss to communicate well. My boss is very clear in how he communicates which has made it easy for me to learn quickly and excel in work related skills. Due to both communication and respect I am able to accept criticism from my boss because of the manner in which he does it.

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Again, this allows for us as a company to be efficient and effective in how we work and grow. All of these things and many more make for not only the best boss I’ve had, but also a very successful business.

As with most people there are, however, some things that make Kevin a bad boss. The wages of a job are very important in every job if not for some people the most important part. My boss doesn’t offer the pay that I am worth. This shows that either he can’t financially afford it or he doesn’t see the value in me as an employee and the quality of my work. One other thing that makes a bad boss is being inconsistent. My boss changes my work schedule sometimes three or four times in a single day. It’s become an unspoken rule that I call him at 9:30 every morning to ask whether I’m to be at work at 10, later in the day, or not at all. This makes it difficult to be focused on my work if I was planning on doing a different activity.

There was one occasion in particular where I was planning on a long quiet romanticday with my fiancé which became a long day at work. Three times that day at work I made mistakes on my work. Each mistake resulted in either doubling the amount of time it took to make a sign, or completely having to throw away wasted material and restart making the sign. Needless to say my mind was on things other than my work. Such things among others make for a bad boss.

Kevin Heath is the best boss I have had which has made this the best job I’ve had. Even with the best of people there are bad things. I have had more consistent employers, but I enjoy working at Heath Sign Company and can only hope to have such a good boss at my next place of employment.

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