Worst Argument I’ve ever had

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The worst argument that I’ve ever had was one with mother when I was a teenager. At the time, I thought I knew everything about anything, and I was very stubborn and ready to face the world on my own. Although she offered me sound advice and never lied to me, I was very defensive and angry at my mother when she warned me about a boy I was dating. My mother had a great sense of character, but as a teen, especially a boy crazy one, I did not think that she was right about my boyfriend at the time.

My mother told me that she didn’t approve of him and asked me to stop seeing him.

I of course thought this was outrageous of her to ask of me and immediately blamed her for not wanting me to be with him. I went so far as to tell my mother that she was jealous of me because I was pretty and young.

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My mother could not believe how I was talking to her; I was normally pretty obedient and respectful, but I really liked this boy and thought that I was in love with him, and I felt that threatened when my mother approached me about him. The words escalated and I even pushed my mother to the ground to get her out of my way as she was trying to stop me from leaving to be with this guy.

That night, my boyfriend tried to have his way with me, and I could tell that my mother was right.

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He offered me alcohol and drugs and kept telling me that I needed to prove my love to him or he was going to leave me. I let him leave me and made up with my mother, who was there for me even though I treated her poorly. From that experience, I learned that when fighting with a loved one, remember that they will always be in your life, so choose your words wisely because like your loved one, your words never go away as well.

Updated: Feb 17, 2021
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