The value of obtaining a college degree

As opposed to previous generations in the past, the amount of high-paying jobs that don’t require a college degree have plummeted significantly. This is because America has transformed from an economy based on labor and manufacturing to an economy based more upon knowledge and information. Now, even most medium income salary jobs require some sort of college degree. After high school, many students get caught up in the increased amount of money they can potentially make because they are no longer obligated to attend school.

They may also lose interest in college because of the rising costs of tuition. However this amount of money is not comparable to the value a college education will bring to you. It is now more important than ever to obtain a degree because it shows that the variety of skills desired for the particular profession are met and understood. A college degree potentially offers a higher salary, employment rate, and life experiences/skills that can only be obtained through earning a degree.

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Perhaps the biggest pay-off of college is the payoff itself.

While you aren’t guaranteed anything, you are almost certain to attain a better paying job than you would if you didn’t attend college at all. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, every person who had earned a bachelor’s degree or higher, on average, earned over $1000 per week. While in comparison, those who received no further education than a high school diploma earned an average of $652 per week.

This is a very big difference as those who have earned degrees almost doubled the income of those who haven’t.

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In today’s world one of the most valued things is the quality of one’s life. By going to college and earning a degree, you are increasing your chances of earning a higher income tremendously. Which in turn, almost has a direct impact on your quality of life. One of the biggest benefits of a college degree is the increased job security

. The Bureau of Labor Statistics recorded that in 2012 unemployment rate for a person with no college experience was 8.3%. However those who attained a bachelor’s degree or higher faced no greater than 6.3% unemployment. This is huge in today’s world where job security is everything. Having a college degree just might rank you over someone else who you are competing with to keep a job. This is perhaps one of the biggest benefits of a college degree, as it offers you and your future protection.

A college education also offers many important skills that can only be attained through college. When a student attends college, they have to read books specific for their course and listen to lectures by their teacher who is a professional in that class of study. This causes the student to think and explore new ideas and develop additional skills and truly apply themselves to the information that they are learning. This gives them an edge over high school graduates who have not attained a further education because they are lacking these important skills.

College also offers more than just skills, college can be a great resource for students. Most colleges offer students with programs and internships at no additional costs, where students can have and internship and practice their field of study at respected work places in the community. This could be exactly what a student needs to get his or her foot in the door into a specific occupation.

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The value of obtaining a college degree

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