The Causes of Traffic Accident

Traffic accident kills thousands of people every year. The causes of traffic accident are divided into three main reasons. First of all, drunk driving is the most noticeable cause which occurs almost every day in Cambodia society. There is a quote about drunk driving ‘Drunk, no driving and Drive, no drinking’, yet many people will not do like that. That’s why there are many accidents happen in Cambodia. For example, drinking makes people become unconscious, so they will lose their mind to control their vehicles.

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Second, over-speeding is also a cause of accident. Some teenagers like to drive their motors too fast. They may think that driving motors too fast can make them look cooler, actually not at all. Besides getting blamed from the older people, they also take risk of losing their life or having an accident.

For instance, when they accidently meet some conditions such as slippery road, bumpy road or broken brake, they may not be able to control their vehicles. This is also a factor that can cause accident. Finally, disobeying the traffic light or traffic signs can also cause the traffic accident. Traffic light and traffic signs have very important role to show people to avoid accident. However, many people still do not obey them. Specifically, people tend to go faster when the traffic light is yellow, while some of them go straight when the light is red.

These are the real examples which I have seen so far. In brief, people should be more careful when they are driving their vehicles.

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They should respect each other when they are all using the same street. I believe that if people respect to each other and obey the traffic law, the rate of traffic accident will decrease noticeably. To decrease the rate of traffic accident is not only for citizens to do, but the governments also have a significant role to take part in this work.

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The Causes of Traffic Accident

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