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Traffic Accidents in Cambodia
Words • 1746
Pages • 7
In fact, traffic accident has made serious problems for Cambodian people and government in Cambodia such as cost government’s money, loss of human resource, and increasing of poverty. The cost of the government’s money included the elimination of vehicles, roads and medical costs. In a year the government spends about $300 million on managing and solving all of those problems. In addition, spending on traffic accidents problems, government reduce the budget for fixe the road, upgrade, and build a new…...
Types of Distracted Driving that Cause Car Accidents
Words • 1105
Pages • 5
One main reason drivers are distracted is because drivers are not cognitive while driving. A. Talking is the main cognitive distraction while driving because it deals with your mind focusing on what you are saying rather than paying attention to what you are seeing on the road There are 3 types of dangers while not being cognitive in car An example of these types of distractions is talking on a cellphone while driving and talking to a passenger in the…...
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Words • 338
Pages • 2
Foremost, the age limit should be raised because its important that teens have the chance to first grow up. Only then should they be allowed or given the chance to drive. Parents should be able to not have to suffer from their children dying from a car crash. Thousands of teens and children are killed or injured in motor vehicle accidents. Its vital that we fix this and find away for the youth to live longer and for the parents,…...
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Personal Experience of Accidents in Mountains
Words • 347
Pages • 2
The soft snow hardened beneath my feet as I sauntered up the mountain. It was like heaven on a winter's day in the Alps, while on a skiing trip. All around me, the snow was falling on the lucid landscape. Time had stood still, and the only sign of movement was the gentle meandering snowflakes. It was as if nothing could spoil that idyllic setting. As I admired the radiant scenery, a sudden movement caught my eye. A colourful clash…...
AccidentsPersonal ExperienceSnow
The Oppau Explosion
Words • 1296
Pages • 6
Description of the incidents On 21st September 2001, from 1922 - 1926 the reasons for the impact silo of an ammonium sulfate nitrate storehouse in Oppau. Two distinctive salts of Ammonium Sulfate Nitrate which are ammonium nitrate (dangerous) and ammonium sulfate (idle). The hazardousness of the salt is basically decided by the proportion. The affect of the blended salt composition had been completely examined sometime recently the mishap happened because it was common hone to utilize little hazardous charges to…...
Anatomy of Accidents final
Words • 837
Pages • 4
Anatomy of an accident The first mistake Fitz did was to climb all alone. He ended up making bad decisions. Had he climbed with someone who was experienced, he would have been guided accordingly. Moreover, more people would have made better designs. The second mistake he did was to leave the summer pack before climbing the last 100 meters. It was a wrong choice to make as the pack had items that could have reduced the chances of him falling.…...
Motorways’ Speedy Transportation vs Traffic Accidents
Words • 368
Pages • 2
Motorways Consistent travel times Less congestion Less costly Benefit for business person as well as common Less stress Value for money Financing development Leads to prosperity No zebra crossing No traffic signal Advantage of motorways Speedy transportation is very effect on economy structure of Pakistan. High speed traveling means those products are easily transferred on place to another. If the motorways system is good then less chance of wear and tear of vehicle. This system is consider economy system Speedy…...
AccidentsTrafficTraffic AccidentsTransportation
Road traffic accidents RTAs
Words • 2150
Pages • 9
Introduction Road traffic accidents (RTAs) are unexpected traumatic events. Traumatic events can be defined as experiences that put either a person or someone at risk of serious harm or death. Road traffic accidents are a growing public health and development problem. Every year the lives of approximately 1,35 million people are cut short as a result of road traffic accidents, which means that on average 3242 people die daily on the world's roads. Between 20 and 50 million people suffer…...
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Air Bags in Case of Accidents
Words • 1465
Pages • 6
Abstract The Airbag system was first presented in 4-wheeled vehicles however this research gives data about the presentation of the airbag system that can be utilized in the bikes (bicycles). The concept of airbag system is "To decrease the injury to a rider while affecting with an opposing vehicle and additionally restricting article in frontal impacts by retaining rider kinetic energy and by reducing ride separation velocity from bike the forward way." This should be possible with the assistance of…...
12 Main Known Types of Maritime Accidents
Words • 170
Pages • 1
Commercial Fishing Mishaps: Even fishing for commercial purposes can lead to fatal incidents being caused. Inexperienced fishermen – sometimes even experienced ones – can fall overboard. Harsh weather conditions can also could severe damages to a commercial fishing expedition.  Accidents on Tugboats: Tugboats are those which help move huge ships to enter docks. They are small in nature but are powerful to ensure that the large vessels are handled safely. But sometimes because of the blockage of the visibility of tugboats by the…...
Causes of Road Accidents
Words • 46
Pages • 1
A Shared Responsibility Road accidents mostly happen as result of recklessness, carelessness, overconfidence and illiteracy among others, exhibited by drivers, not respecting road safety regulations, jumping the red light, wrong overtaking especially on the highways, and in cities like Accra and Kumasi.... Read More More News »...
AccidentsSolution Of Road Accidents
Discussing Road Accidents in Malaysia
Words • 589
Pages • 3
Road accidents are global tragedies with an ever-raising trend. In Malaysia, it represents a major public problem because of the high number of victims involved and also the seriousness of the consequences for the victim themselves and to their families. Accidents are generally classified as single vehicle accidents in which the vehicle is either colliding with fixed objects or with pedestrians Besides that, the vehicle may fall in a ditch and multiple vehicle accidents in which two or more than…...
AccidentsRoadSolution Of Road Accidents
Buckle up
Words • 638
Pages • 3
Still unconscious, wreathed in bandages, pale and out in my own land, I could not even barely imagine the pain that engulfed my loved ones as they by lay vigil each night, thinking of my sorry picture with only breathing tubes to hang onto. On the second day, I regained consciousness and began a hazy recollection of what happened. The successive bumps and crash. I could recall seeing the driver ram straight into the car in front, a second later…...
AccidentsOil Spill
Motorcycle accidents
Words • 789
Pages • 4
Motorcyclists are more prone to die in accidents than those in automobiles. Accidents are caused by the motorcycle itself, the lack of experience, not wearing proper gear, riding at excessive speeds, and inexperienced automobile drivers. The main reason for most motorcycle accidents are caused by motorcyclist that operate their vehicles without wearing the proper protection. A safe and secure cyclist wears a helmet if riding one mile or two hundred miles. Without a helmet, a person is leaving themselves open…...
Motorcycle accidents as a growing problem
Words • 973
Pages • 4
Motorcycles don’t posses many safety features that protect their rider. A car contains seat belts, airbags, four wheels for stability, and more; these are important features that help reduce accident and fatality rates. These issues only add to the main problem which is the drivers themselves, I am talking about both motorcycle rider and automobile driver. These two figures represent the majority of those on the streets, they are either inexperienced drivers or to comfortable with their driving habits and…...
Human factors in aviation accidents
Words • 2957
Pages • 12
As an outcome of researches that acknowledged the presence of human consider mistake management, the aviation market likewise started to take initiatives to reformat air travel organisations. The air travel industry moved to a more open culture that valued interaction and at the exact same time acknowledged that human error will always be present however through time and advanced studies can be decreased even more (Sexton, Thomas & & Helmreich, 2000). Almost all aspects have actually been looked into. Choice…...
Everlost by Neal Shusterman
Words • 996
Pages • 4
Allie and Nick both die in a car crash. They're supposed to go towards that light at the end of the tunnel, however they bump into each other and get knocked into a strange world in between life and death called Everlost. The world is filled with fear, and unforeseen twists for the souls that reside there. Both Nick and Allie want their lives back, so they begin exploring this brand-new world, hoping to find a way back to their…...
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Appropriate responses to accidents, incidents, emergencies and illness in school
Words • 1325
Pages • 6
In our school we have policies and procedures in place in how to respond to accidents, incidents, emergencies and illness and procedures for reporting and recording these incidents. If an accident does happen, and it results in an injury to a child, the teacher will do all she/he can to aid the child concerned. The school keeps first aid boxes in various locations around the school such as in our key stage one building we have a first aid box…...
BP vs Exxon
Words • 805
Pages • 4
The BP oil spill is the most resent oil incident. The oil spill was really big and caused a lot of mess and damage to nature. It killed a lot of animals and fish and made the water dangerous. BP says that they were working hard to clean the oil up. They were taking a really long time. BP has responded to todays US Government report into last year's Deepwater Horizon accident, it says it agrees with its core conclusion,…...
AccidentsCountryDisasterEnvironmental IssuesMexicoWorld
Road Accidents Malaysia
Words • 2584
Pages • 11
Nowadays, road accidents are very common in Malaysia. Everyday we read newspaper we also can saw many news about there are many peoples involved in the road accidents. First of all, what is means by road accidents? Road accidents are means that when some automobile crash together or the vehicle crash on the side of the road or the peoples at the road. According to the sources from Royal Malaysian Police (n.d), there is a statistic mentioning the number of…...
AccidentsAlcoholismRoadSolution Of Road Accidents
Cause of Traffic Accidents In Cambodia
Words • 499
Pages • 2
In Cambodia, economic growth and urbanization have prompted people to migrate to the crowded capital, where a surfeit of automobiles, lax enforcement of traffic laws, and scant understanding of road safety take their toll. On average, 4. 7 people die in accidents each day. Traffic accidents tend to affect vulnerable Cambodians, many of whom are poor. About 90 percent of crash victims ride vehicles motorbikes and bicycles, or are pedestrians, according to the report. Last year, road accidents cost Cambodia…...
AccidentAccidentsTrafficTraffic Accidents
A Narrow Escape
Words • 329
Pages • 2
I wake up from my sleep in the class and made a loud screeching sound with my chair. Everyone attention is now at me. I go out of the class since my History teacher was absence today. I climb the stairs heading to the rooftop. I sit at a corner and thinking about the same nightmare that I kept dreaming these days. One day, I went out of the house to hang out with my best friend, Nuha. I waited…...
AccidentsCar AccidentCompositionTraffic Accidents
Road accidents
Words • 404
Pages • 2
Road accidents have been and will continue to be one of the greatest health hazards. Statistically, it has been shown that the number of death and injuries due to road accidents. It has been increasing steadily. Why these road accidents, occurring in our daily routines? Is they forgot road safety rules? There are many causes of road accidents but, personally, I think the most important factor which contributes to road accidents is the irresponsibility of the drivers. Drivers must at…...
AccidentsRoadSolution Of Road Accidents
Road Safety: Factors Contributing to Accidents
Words • 1108
Pages • 5
A whopping one million people die each year due to accidents on the road. To break it up, divide 1000,000 by 4 and you get 25, 0000 a month, divide it by 7 and you get 14, 2857 a week, divide it by 24 and you get 41,666 a day. Over 40,000 people die in one day. An additional 20-50 million are injured or disabled. Those are some horrific statistics. 1 out of 5 people you know could possibly die…...
Road traffic accidents in Kerala
Words • 299
Pages • 2
Traffic accidents are a major cause of death and injuries world wide, but while they are declining in many parts of the developed world, fatalities are still on the rise in many developing countries including India. In our state more than half of the road accident victims are in the age group of 20 to 55, the key wage earning and child raising age group. The loss of the main bread winner and head of household due to death or…...
AccidentsRoadSpeed LimitsTrafficTraffic Accidents
Care Plan if Accidents or Illnesses Occur
Words • 407
Pages • 2
If they are out in the sun for a long period of time they may get sunburn or even sunstroke. When they are eating they may chock on the food. If the pavement is uneven they could even fall or they may go missing Procedures to follow if accident/illness occurs If an accident or illness occurs you will need to assess the situation before you do anything once you have done this you may need to phone an ambulance, once…...
AccidentsCareImportance Of First Aid
Causes of Car Accidents in Oman
Words • 368
Pages • 2
1,051 people were killed on the road in 2011, according to the final statistics1 of the Royal Oman Police. Oman, unfortunately, has continuously recorded a huge leap2 in road accidents and accident- related deaths. Despite the fact that drivers should have a high degree of attention, caution and awareness, we cannot solely blame3 them for every single car accident. To discuss the main causes of car accidents in Oman I will confine4 myself to four main causes which I think…...
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