“The Big Bang Theory”

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“The Big Bang Theory” is the leading explanation regarding how our 13.8 billion year old universe began. My friends thought I was talking about the American television sitcom when I said that I watched it with my own eyes, but I was referring to the details of what was happening trillionths of a second after our world kicked off. Participating in the discovery of gravitational waves from the big bang seemed to indicate I had a great physics career before me, but I have always seen it as the catalyst that ignited my interest in business.

My electro-optical design skill was just a tool; it was leading a diverse team to fulfill an inconceivable vision that gave me purpose. This epiphany led to my unwavering pursuit of a business career.

Though I was thrilled with my high potential career designing instrumentation for NASA and international space agencies, I found myself naturally gravitating into a business role, leading the budgeting, timeline projections, and critical design reviews for 14 hyperspectral imaging projects.

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After realizing I was less absorbed by using my technical skills as a Physicist/Optical Engineer, I pivoted to embrace the science of entrepreneurship with full force.

Between founding a public benefit corporation and my more recent management role with my family’s business, The Ingredient House, I have surveyed the business world through non-profit, public, and private sector lenses. Though there are advantages to all three, I have found the private sector aligns best with my goals. In developing a cloud-based lead management guide, analyzing import and export statistics to refine portfolio offerings, and creating a 3-year road map to align our international Marketing, R&D, Sales, and Supply Chain, I have leveraged my experience and technical abilities to drive profitability to the company’s maximum.

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Granted the application of mathematical models to generate profit has been enjoyable, the collaboration with a diverse team of international business partners, customers, and manufacturers has reminded me that I am best at leading and growing a business, especially when multinational.

For this reason, upon completion of the EMBA, my immediate objective is to expand my company’s distribution network to include East-Asia and Europe in my role as general manager. This will involve diligent supplier relationship management while targeting ingredient applications in local pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and petroleum industries. As China’s economy is projected to surpass the U.S. by 2032, my ultimate career objective is to start my own business in the Asia-Pacific ingredient distribution or CPG space, leading the strategy, driving brand growth, and structuring transnational negotiations.

In order to facilitate my goals and acquire a formal education on management complexities that result from operating internationally, I’m convinced the EMBA-Global Asia is essential. The ability to weave a top-tier education between three of the world’s leading financial cities, coupled with international seminar assignments, are features unique to this program. With five years’ work experience in public, private, social, and the archetypal ‘for-benefit’ sector, exposure to four diverse operational areas, and a technical physics/engineering foundation, I bring a comprehensive and multifaceted experience enabling me to contribute to and benefit from the classroom environment. I am convinced I will excel in the aggressive curriculum and thrive as a team member in the collaborative culture maintained by the three universities.

The Big Bang theory hypothesizes that our universe originated with a small singularity, then inflated to the cosmos that we know today. In much the same way, I hope one day to reflect on the EMBA-Global Asia as the spark that ignited my prodigious career.

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“The Big Bang Theory”

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