The advanced nurse practitioner ADNP acts as pioneers of change

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The advanced nurse practitioner (ADNP) acts as pioneers of change and are leaders in health reform. A nurse leader is a person that can rally and motivate their peers in accomplishing a common goal (Scully, 2015). Becoming an effective leader involves a lifelong pledge to a leader self-reflection and the understanding of change in one’s life and how this affects others. On my journey towards nurse leadership, two of my strengths noted, are self-awareness and effective time management. Two weaknesses found is in the area of conflict resolution and communication.

Looking a self-awareness, one taking into consideration their emotional competencies. Kumar, Adhish, and Chauhan (2014) states emotional competencies involves ones understanding of the reasons behind his or her emotions and how it affects others, acknowledging them and being able to use sound judgment to guide their actions and their thoughts. Working in an ever-changing environment, and under stressful conditions, I am able to stay calm and do what is in the best interest of my patient, coworkers, and the organization.

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Another strength I have is effective time management skills. I usually finish my work within the time frame allotted and delegate task appropriately. I tend to be proactive in the way I live my life and how I work. I do not wait for disasters to strike, I try to prevent it from happening in the first, place. Kumar, Adhish, and Chauhan (2014) states a nurse leader must be proactive and crisis-oriented as well as to be able to prioritize tasks or goals.

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In trying to do what is right for my patients, associates or the organization, conflict sometimes arises which can at times have negative impacts on the work environment and patient outcomes. Once I told the monitor tech, she needs more training and reported my concerns to the director who stated that she is in agreement with my assessment and offered my coworker more training. This did not go over well with my colleague which impacted our communication with each other and the work environment. Unfortunately, I am very direct when I communicate with others and was unable to resolve the situation. One strategy I can implement to help me in this arena is learning about conflict resolutions and effective communication.

Another weakness that I noted, as stated above is in communication. My peers reported on my evaluation of self, is that I am too direct when speaking, very black and white. Plonien (n.d), states that a nurse leader must be able to modify their interactions with others when speaking and listening. One strategy to improve my communication with others is to become an active listener and to use teach-back moments. Another strategy is to keep my communication positive. Always communicate a positive with a negative when discussing or addressing areas for improvements.

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The advanced nurse practitioner ADNP acts as pioneers of change

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