Profession of Pediatric Nurse Practitioner

One of the best decisions a person could make, would be to become a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner. A Pediatric Nurse Practitioner provides primary and specialty healthcare to children from infancy to young adulthood. (Pediatric Nurse Practitioner) In other words, it is one step below a Pediatrician. They can do almost the exact same things a doctor can, and in some states, they can do the exact same things. It does not take an unreasonable amount of schooling either, you just have to get a master’s degree in nursing (which is about six years total) or a doctorate in nursing.

One of the many perks of being a PNP is the money. The annual wage for nurse practitioners was $110,930 in May 2017. (Occupational Outlook Handbook) The average annual wage for workers in the United States was $44,564 in 2017. (Average Salary Information for US Workers) This means that they make more than two times than the average person. You would not ever need to stress about bills, you would make more than enough to be financially stable.

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A lot of jobs are not very secure. You constantly hear about people losing their jobs and having so much trouble finding a new one. This would never be the case with a Practitioner. They are always in demand anywhere you go, even outside of the United States. Job opportunities for nurse practitioners are expected to continue increasing over the next ten years. (Pediatric Nurse Practitioner) As a PNP you have a lot of options on exactly where you want to work.

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You can go into the military. You could work in schools, even colleges. You can choose to work in a hospital, or you could work inside a clinic instead. There are even Practitioners that travel all over the world to treat their patients. Where you choose to work is up to you.

When people think of someone working in the medical field, regardless of their job in it, they think of someone who works 24/7 and has no time for anything else. This is not true. If you open up your own or work under a physician in a doctor’s office, you would be able to work a normal 9-5 job. (Pediatric Nurse Practitioner) You would have plenty of time to do the same things outside of work that everyone else does.

You absolutely cannot go wrong in becoming a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner. You do not have to go through a ridiculous amount of schooling. You would not come out drowning in debt, and if somehow you did, you could quickly pay it off. They make extremely good money. I have never heard of a PNP not being rich. Money may not solve all problems, but it sure does solve a lot of them, which in return reduces stress. You would never have to worry about having a job. Any city would hire you, Nurse Practitioners will always be in high demand.

You could never say that Nurse Practitioners have a boring job. It is very far from a boring office job. Every day is different, every person they treat is different. It can be very rewarding to treat someone, to save someone’s life. As a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, you would be helping children which is one hundred times more rewarding. If you like children and you like to help others, then a PNP is the job for you.

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Profession of Pediatric Nurse Practitioner

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