Teenager Essay Topics

The Life of a Teenager

The life of young teenagers mostly refering to females, they tend to fall into many peer pressure that allows them to suffer at the longer run. I met this girl that was actually very shy that she hardly spoke to her parents of her problems regarding to anything that happened in school or personal life…. View Article

K-pop and Filipino Teens

The researchers chose this topic . This is about the Frustration of the teenagers and a young child or either an adult to Korean’s Music . The researchers find outs that people’s addiction is spreading out . Anchoring on the objectives of this study, the researchers reviewed related studies that are significant for the fans… View Article

Houston Public Library: Kids and Teenager

The website of Houston Public Library is well organized just as all libraries (on-line or not) should be. The main page of Houstonlibrary. org features different selections as headings on the very top of the page. The sections are divided according to their function. The very first selection, catalog, is placed at the far left… View Article