Effects Of The Teen Curfew

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There are many words that teens hate hearing from their parents and one of them is curfew. Adding on, “A curfew is defined as a law or regulation that requires a person or group of people must stay indoors for a designated time, usually through the night” (Dictionary.com). Curfews are usually for teenagers and are there to help keep them out of trouble. Parents usually have curfews to protect their teens. Many teens have a certain time by which they must be home.

According to Witmer, “Each parent has extremely different curfews set for their children, based on the individual level of responsibility and trust levels” (Witmer). Should teenage curfews be enforced? I believe that there should be curfews because there are many advantages of having one. Teens do not realize how much good comes from having a curfew. With this in mind, curfews should be enforced because it is a law, it keeps them safe, and it helps them become used to setting a schedule.

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To begin with, one of the reasons for giving a teenager a curfew is because it is a law in some communities (Applebury). That means that it is a rule and should be followed at all times and any given moment. If it is broken, it is your responsibility and you will have to face the consequences. Often curfew violations are really expensive and time-consuming (Applebury). Parents are held responsible for their child's behavior and have to go to court (Applebury). In addition, “They also have to pay heavy fines and sometimes are required to go to classes or perform community service along with their teen” (Applebury).

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By enforcing a curfew, you will not have to worry about that because your teen would be with you, while you are watching them. To explain, “The efficacy of a curfew in crime prevention is the topic of debate at many city council meetings” (Applebury). Therefore, if the law is implemented, it will be enforced which means that teens will have curfews.

Curfews help teens become more used to setting a schedule (Welsh). As a matter of fact, “With curfews, teens have to take into account how far away their destination is, how long they can stay there, and how long it will take them to get back home” (Welsh). In fact, this is a great skill that comes in handy and helps them keep track of their schedules, manage traffic, and be on time for classes and appointments (Welsh). Being able to manage time is useful in a lot of situations, including during school. Setting curfews help teens be able to sleep at a decent time (Welsh). This will result in being able to focus, stay awake, and be more productive in school. They also won’t be “too tired” or lazy to do anything, leading to them having more time to study for tests and get their homework done on time. It could even lead to getting better grades, which will help them pass their classes. Having a curfew will help teens improve in lots of things. For those purposes, teens will be more successful in the future when given a curfew.

As a final point, I believe that teens would benefit from having curfews. Whether you think teens should have curfews or not, it is still a good idea. With curfews your child will be indoors with a responsible grown-up, who you know and trust, to watch and take care of them. Usually, teens are out on the streets, but instead, they should be in their homes where it is safer for them. Besides, “Giving a teen a curfew would make them better with good morals” (“Do Curfews Keep Teenagers Out of Trouble?”). Having a curfew will make them more active and help them not make poor choices (“Should Teenagers Have Curfews?”). Teenagers might listen to you more because they might think that if they listen, then you won’t have a curfew for them or at least keep their curfew at a later time. Hanging out with your family, talking, and laughing is important, well at least to me, and when a teen has a curfew they would be home and have time to spend it with family instead of on the streets or at someone else’s home to whom you may not know. Last but not least, your child will always come home to you safely.

Teenagers may say they shouldn’t have a curfew because having one limits their freedom and is unfair (Ramos). On the other hand, I disagree because you aren’t giving them less freedom you’re protecting them and keeping them safe. Having curfews will help teens stay out of trouble. Telling your parents what time you are going to be back, eliminates worry and increases teens' safety (Witmer). As a result, “Parents have a responsibility to their children both morally and legally to keep them safe and monitor their activities” (Witmer). So if you were to do something or if something happens to you it is on your parents. Would you really want to get your parents in trouble all because they didn’t know where you were or what time you were going to be home? If a parent knows when their child will be home, they will be more relaxed (Witmer). How can you prevent all of this from happening? Having a curfew for your teen prevents all of these from happening and makes you more relaxed.

In conclusion, to sum it all up, curfews should be enforced. It is important to have respect for your parents and the rules they have for you. In the end, curfews should be enforced since it is a law in some communities, keeps them safe, and helps them become more used to setting a schedule. At first, it may seem unfair, but teens will eventually understand how important the rules are. Also, parents are just trying to look out for their kids and keep them safe. Parents should help their teens understand why they are giving them a curfew and they should be clear about what the consequences are when breaking the curfew. Also, they should understand why having a curfew is much more efficient. They should have a say at what time their curfews should be for different things. Teens should understand that they are earning their independence by being trustworthy and mature (Applebury). So the next time you leave the house, don’t roll your eyes or complain when your parents tell you your curfew is at a certain time because, in the end, they are just protecting you, meaning they care about you.

Updated: Feb 02, 2024
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