Technology Essay Topics

Dark side of technology

The nature of these machines makes it possible for discrimination against ordinary persons. Ordinary persons who may have a predisposition towards certain tendencies could be found out and victimised even though they have yet to commit a crime they have the brain pattern of a criminal. This is the dark side of technology. More research is… View Article

Developments in reproductive technology

With reference to relevant ethical theories, explain the arguments used to support developments in reproductive technology. [35] Reproductive technologies such as in vitro fertilisation, pre-implantation genetic diagnosis and intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection have undoubtedly brought much joy to many people, and therefore many ethical systems support its development. A good place to start when considering the… View Article

High-tech crime (computer crime)

High-tech crime (computer crime) is the use of technology to commit a crime. It is the biggest tech related threat to the society. According to the 2011 Norton Cybercrime Report, in 2010 more than 430 million adults were victimized at a cost of US$388-billion in direct and indirect losses from computer crime world wide. The… View Article

Physics in Sports

Everything from kicking a ball into a goal to running from one side to the other side of the field is based on physics. Physics plays a key role in sports; it can impact on a player either positively or even negatively. Gravity, friction, motion and projectile affects sport in every aspect. How physics affects… View Article

Wireless Videophones and High-Speed Internet

“Wireless videophones and high-speed Internet access are a reality with the world’s first “Third Generation” mobile serviced, which were launched on October 1st 2001 by NTT DoCoMo in Tokyo, Japan.” These has symbolized that human had enter a new era in mobile network technology. Facing with the ever advancing technologies, mobile network had integrated deep… View Article

Multimedia Technology

This paper critically examines the affects of eCommerce on organisations and the significant growth of the technology. Many organisations are adopting the new technology to retain excellent relationship with customers, and the significant growth of eCommerce application is discussed and noted in this paper. This growth has raised numbers of security concerns and this paper… View Article

Describe the Benefits of Mobile Technology

Nothing is beyond human imagination. If we had been told just five years ago that we would be able to see the person on the phone, we would not have believed it at all. Today almost everything is doable thanks to the technological progress that has been made in the last 20 years. We are… View Article

Nucor Corporation

Assess how globalization and technology changes have impacted the corporation you researched. Nucor Corporation has been known as a leader in the steel production industry since it was founded in 1955 as Nuclear Corporation of America ( In the steel production industry, globalization is the driving force that affects competition. Since the modern day steel… View Article

History Of Information Technology

The history of the Information Technology has been divided into four periods Pre Mechanical (3000BC-1450AD). Mechanical (1450AD-1840AD). Electro Mechanical (1840AD-1970AD). Electronic (1970AD-Today) These periods are categorized with successful breakthroughs. The first economical computer was introduced in the year 1946, which is called Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer (ENIC). The general purpose computer was developed in… View Article

The stories success

Technology would have the greatest overall effect on the stories success. To keep up with the competition constant training and flow of inventory has to be maintained drawing heavily on capitol resources. Also the skill level of employee’s would dictate a higher pay structure then required by regular toy stores. Rapid changes in technology would… View Article

Women, Science and Technology

Mostly one comes across seminars and symposiums on the topic, “Women, their role in the Society. ” One does not come across a topic like, “Men, their role in the Society! ” Men, perhaps, have no role to play! Women actively involved in many types of modern feminist movements declare that women and men are… View Article

Internal policies and procedures

Technology is a significant facet of district operations. Technology affects performance through enabling the citizens to access as well as analyze information, resolve problems, work in partnership with others, and successfully communicate their thoughts and information. People make use of technology as an instrument to support in administrative duties. Technology in information systems is needed… View Article

The technology and clothing sector

Based on the standard deviations and means across industries with respect to recognized variables, it can be argued that the technology and clothing sector have improved their financial performance over the last year. Note that the standard deviation of the technology sector is 1. 64 – a small variation from the mean. Note that the… View Article

Test and evaluation

The results and observations regarding the effectiveness of this program will be determine when the instructor use this strategy to his class. While formal observations are not necessarily the recommended paradigm for this program. The goals require observation of student response and interaction. The trainee shall be observed for any progress and student difficulties as… View Article

Information Technology and the University of Phoenix

It was only recently that computers began to contribute to an emerging revolution in technology-assisted education. These machines provide an optimal means for storing, searching, and retrieving educational materials. Besides, computers are great for composing and editing written work. These machines permit self-directed and individualized instruction plus feedback in almost all areas of interest. So,… View Article