Synopsis of Dynamics of Mass Communication

The advent of the Internet and its popularity and accessibility has offered leaps and bounds in the field of education. No longer do students and instructors have to rely on books and texts alone. Even the time needed for evaluating what students have learned has been shortened significantly. The partner website of the book “Dynamics of Mass Communication: Media in the Digital Age” by Joseph R. Dominick is an example of how revolutionary technology has transformed education.

By introducing teaching and evaluation methods usually practiced in the classroom to the Internet, students now have the opportunity to enhance their learning skills and improve their knowledge of the text through interactive features.

For example, students can now choose to take chapter quizzes to test their understanding and interpretation of each chapter. To guide them, there is also a brief chapter outline present. The main ideas are outlined in a way that they can be easily understood and internalized by students.

The inclusion of PowerPoint presentations for each chapter provides students with a ready source of information of the text, further facilitating learning.

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A glossary section also helps students to clearly identify important ideas relevant to the text. Other interactive features like the flashcards and crossword puzzled also provide a non-traditional approach to learning. Students are then motivated to learn more about the text and to internalize what they have read more effectively.

Finally, questions to assess the students' critical thinking and learning are also available for every chapter. This ensures that students do more then memorize terms or statements.

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They are then given the chance to freely expound on the text and explain their beliefs and understanding of the chapters. The use of the Internet will undoubtedly enhance the learning capacities of the students. This will have a profound effect on education and can serve as an excellent example of what the marriage of technology and education will mean in the future.

Updated: May 21, 2021
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