The Lovely Bones Detailed Quote Synopsis Essay

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The Lovely Bones Detailed Quote Synopsis

My quote is “Had my brother really seen me somehow, or was he merely a little boy telling beautiful lies? ” on page 95. Susie had said this while she was observing her brother from heaven. This quote has significance because I believe that Susie wants to be remembered, because as she said on page 91, “I had never even let myself yearn for Buckley, afraid he might see my image in a mirror or a bottle cap. Like everyone else I was trying to protect him”.

Perhaps the reason Buckley was so casual with pointing out that he saw his sister was because he had already seen her before, he mentions he does on page 92 when he tells Nate, “Last night she came in and kissed me on my cheek”. I think the reason we don’t hear of Buckley seeing Susie earlier is because Susie does not focus her attention on Buckley in order to protect him, instead she is watching the rest of her family more closely.

Buckley wouldn’t be telling his parents or sister this because the family believes that he is to young and cannot understand what has actually happened to his sister. Therefore, Susie would not have seen or heard any talks of it amongst the parents. Buckley had kept seeing his sister to himself. So he resorted to saying it to his friend Nate, who is of the same age and won’t hold it against him. I think that by her trying not to be seen and not paying much attention to Buckley it causes him to actually see her.

I believe that this quote will continue to connect to the characters throughout the story based on the fact that she hides herself from Buckley because she wants to protect him, but she wants to show herself to her father, when he’s upset she wanted to be there and help him but she couldn’t. As Susie states on page 46, “It was then that, without knowing how, I revealed myself. In every piece of glass, in every shard and silver, I cast my face. ” She didn’t mean for her dad to see her when he did. I think when she is not meaning to be seen, that is when someone really does see her.

But when she really wants to be there and help out the people she loves, she won’t be seen. The quote of Susie revealing herself to her father also did state that she didn’t know how she revealed herself. If this is possible, she may have revealed herself to Buckley without her knowing it either. I believe that the quote , “had my brother really seen me somehow or was he merely a little boy telling beautiful lies? ” will continue to connect to the story because Susie will continue to have herself revealed to the people on Earth without her knowing it, so long as she is still there watching everyone on it.

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