Surrounding Occupy And Minimum Wage

Since the dawn of time social movements have been a part of our lives. From protests to sit in, people have stood up for what they believe in When thinking of social movements many popular topic come to mind. These topics include, women’s rights, equality for African Americans, and gun regulations. However, there is one group of activists whose social movement is not something many people think about. The group goes by the name Occupy. Occupy is a social movement and group focused on raising awareness surrounding social and economic injustice.

Occupy began their mission in 2011, making the group a fairly new movement bringing to light many topics that impact everyone, everyday.

According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, The definition of occupy is, “To take, fill, or hold possession over.” (Merriam-Webster). This is exactly what Occupy is determined to do. Their goal is “…to identify the need to reclaim space from corporate greed…”(Pickerill and Krinsky 281) This group of passionate individuals travel all over the country to reside in public places for large quantities of time.

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This is known as public assembly. When the group plans where they will set up camp, these choose public places such as parks. This is so that society can see them and become exposed to the economic and social injustice that they preach. Over these spans of time the community begins to cultivate, creating a makeshift economy. It is within these settlements, activists spread their word in hopes of their voices reaching people of power.

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The ultimate goal of these encampments is to show the people who are higher up, that there are people below them and they matter as well.

Occupy’s tactic on spreading their message is innovative. Their slogan, “ We are the 99%”, is one slogan that many people have heard in someway or another. This slogan allows people to feel included and a part of the change. Looking through Occupy’s eyes, they are trying to draw people in by letting people know that this is a problem for 99% of the nation. When the group is spreading their word they do so in an interesting manner. One person, who is talking to the whole group, will stand in front and shout a few words. All the people around shout the same phrase or word so that others can hear what they have to say. This chain continues until all people have said the phrase or words. Not only is this effective when you are not allowed to have noise amplifiers, but it is also effective for when bystanders can hear what is being said. This is a another one of the groups tactic to reach as many people as possible.

When looking at the goals of Occupy it is hard to not relate them to our own lives. When it comes to inequality, especially wages, it is easy to make parallels to everyday occurrences. The minimum wage in Pennsylvania is $7.25, where in other states it can be up to $15. This is a prime example of economic injustice. The minimum wage, at least in Pennsylvania, is much too low for people to live off of creating a sense of hopelessness as well and a risk to survival. Not only are wages not equal in the sense of minimum wage but also the wage gap between men and woman. This is a fight that has been going on for years as women protest for equality. This example backs up the social and economic injustice here in America.

Prior to reading the articles assigned for class I had little to no knowledge on anything surrounding occupy and minimum wage. I felt that it is something that I will not have to worry about for long. After annotating and reviewing the articles I feel that my eyes have been pried open. I have never realized all the injustice that goes on around me on a daily basis. All of the directly impacts me, especially when it comes to minimum wage. I have been making minimum wage for the past 4 years. I however, am very lucky to have parents that support me. In reality it is rare. I can not imagine what life is like to someone living off minimum wage alone. This country needs to take in account inflation because if people are making under the cost of living, how can they live?

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