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Student Life In University Essay Examples

Essay on Student Life In University

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Guide to A Happy Campus Life

General Statement: A happy campus is an interesting place for studying Features: + Good facilities + People + Recreation Body Paragraph 1 Topic sentence: There are a lot of good facilities in a happy campus + Excellent library with many kinds of books and modern technology + ATM machine is on every corner of a happy campus + Public transportation is convenient Body Paragraph 2 Topic sentence: The students in a happy campus study together friendly and studiously + Share…...

My Second Home

Past nine o’clock in the morning, as I walked through a crowded and hot burning side of the road, I found myself heading into a particular place I have never been yet in my entire life. I am about to enter into the vicinity of one of the most known and prestigious university of the north – and that is no other than Mariano Marcos State University. Holding its green and gold pride up high, I was convinced to stay…...

A Foundation Week Story

What is Foundation week? Other students celebrate it by not going to school because for them it’s the time of their rest day but other students celebrate it by going to school and hanging out with their friends. As students of College of Nursing and Allied Health Sciences, we celebrate Foundation week by making ourselves busy. On September 22, 2014, Monday, the programme starts with the Cultural Competition and due to our Anatomy Class we’re not able to watch the…...

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Challenges International Students

Intro: This report has been written to set out the difficulties, those worldwide students face in their desire to pursue more education in the UK. The obstacles that are outlined in this report are by no means limited to the areas chosen. The validation for composing this report lays in the reality that first of all there is a requirement to sustain and increase the number of students that really enter the United Kingdom for their research studies, as this…...

The U.P. Jammers’ Club

U. P Jammers’ Club is an established socio-cultural organization of a well-known university. It was founded on October 8, 1991 and since then, it has brought several musical icons in the music scene. The organization aims to enhance the capabilities and skills of aspiring young musicians and form camaraderie within the group. The organization showcases annual events such as a “Freshmeat” and Pound for Pound”. The basis of this proposal report is the organization’s event which is entitled “Pound for…...

Students' Communication in University

The background of the study The notion willingness to communicate (WTC) is defined as a situation when someone is ready to speak or communicate with the target language without any force. Cao (2011) mentioned the term willingness to communicate is defined as readiness to enter into discourse at a particular time with a specific person or person using L2. Moreover, Ningsih at all (2018) viewed that WTC as a situation when someone is ready to use their target language TL…...

Living off Campus vs Living on Campus

Once students graduate high school, some choose and make their decision to either stay home and continue onto higher education, or they leave for a college and live on campus and start taking care of their own responsibilities. In my opinion, staying at home while attending college is better, but that choice has its pros and cons such as responsibilities, cost, transportation or commuting. When living off campus vs. living on campus, the first major difference is the amount of…...

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