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My strategy differentiates delivery levels of content, process, and product. As a teacher, I will teach students according to their needs. In regards to my plan, it has been modified based on the delivery levels of content. First, I use an auditory narration of the poem we are going to analyze. This will engage (FG1) as they will be able to listen to the poem rather than immediately read it. It will give them time to process the poem. Incorporating this auditory narration with a copy of the poem for students to read long to is a modification used for (FG2).

With this modification, I am able to deliver a copy to the students ahead of time so they can read over it. This will help them when we play the auditory version because they will already be familiar with the poem. All students will benefit from these modifications because students will recognize important reading and writing elements such as knowledge, coherent writing, and critical thinking, as well as, master skills, such as story elements, expanded vocabulary, and comprehension that they will use when they write their narrative poem.

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For the process, students will dissect information through individual and group analysis. Students will choose their own groups to collaborate with on the activity, which will make the activity more interesting. Through interaction and talking with peers about the poem, prior knowledge, and new knowledge is provoked and opens up into higher learning through the progression of discussion. This process is effective for all students at all readiness levels because once we come back together as a class to discuss each of the group’s findings, students at lower levels of readiness will also assess this information.

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Ultimately, all students should achieve the learning goals, but different groups will attain the information differently.

Lastly, is product differentiation. Each student will be creating their own narrative poem that will demonstrate what they have learned for this section of the unit. They will be able to choose their own main idea and decide if they want it to be rhyming or free verse poems. I will encourage them to use a thesaurus to generate a variety of vocabulary and they will be placing this poem into their Poetry Portfolio at the end of the unit, in which they have the choice to use an electronic portfolio such as Prezi, PowerPoint, youtube, and so on. If they do not want to use an electronic portfolio they can create a paper portfolio using paper, a notebook, artwork, and so forth.

For the narrative poetry section of my unit plan, I will have a grading rubric that I will use for all students when assessing their narrative poems. I have made no modification to this summative assessment because I will allow all students the opportunity to revise, edit, and redo their poems to make them better if needed. They will first have to have a discussion with me so that I can help them to understand the weak areas so that they will not be discouraged and feel like they are failing. In turn, they will gain a sense of ownership of their poetry and want to make it better. For a formative assessment, I will collect the graphic organizer that they used to analyze “Casey At The Bat,” so that I can monitor their progress and make sure that they are understanding the content. For informal assessment, I will simply observe and listen in to the discussions going on. Watching and listening as group discussions take place is valuable because body language, facial expressions, and participation in the discussion will give a great indication of the students understanding. If I recognize that students are struggling with the understanding of the lesson, I will reteach using mini-lessons or I will have one on one time with the student to give descriptive feedback or extensions if needed.

I selected the use of an auditory narration of “Casey At The Bat” that I retrieved from I chose this instructional technology because when teaching poetry, listening to the poem compared to reading it silently is much different. When listening to the poem students connect the words on the page with what is being read. They can visualize easier the setting, atmosphere, mood, narrator’s tone and they feel the emotion translated by the narrator. These elements not only engage students but help them to connect personally with the story. Furthermore, the poem is read with fun and excitement that will be interesting and engaging to students.

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