The Characteristics of a Good Teacher

I have always wanted to be a teacher since I was a little girl so I usually read all the articles about how to become a good teacher. They always have a lot of differences but there are some things in common. A teacher could simply be defined as one who teaches, or an individual who imparts information or skill to a person. Different types of teachers have different methods of passing on their knowledge. There are three types of teachers informative, nonchalant and friendly.

There are specific teachers for each students and it is the student’s job to figure out which type of teacher is compatible with their way of learning. Those things are the characteristics that a good teacher should have: knowledge, teaching skills, student management technique. The most important thing for someone to be a teacher is knowledge. You can’t be a teacher if you don’t have enough knowledge. The lessons you teach in class are important.

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Besides that, you have to have a strong foundation of knowledge to answer the questions that students ask outside the classrooms. A good teacher must have good teaching skills. Firstly, you have to be creative.

Teaching must be more than simply opening a book, doing exercises and following an outline written by someone else. Students will be more attracted to the lessons if they play games, work in groups, sing songs,…Secondly, a good teacher gives challenges to their students. I want a teacher who can maintain a level of difficulty high enough to challenge me, but not so high as to discourage me.

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Thirdly, a good teacher will take a minute or two to answer a question after class or take five minutes to correct something that students have done on their own. Teachers need to encourage students not only to study what is required, but to pursue on their own areas in which they are interested in and appreciate their students’ efforts. Finally, teacher has to leave his emotional baggage outside the classroom. The classroom is a stage, and to be effective the teacher must in some cases be an actor.

I think the students do not want to interrupt their concentration by worrying about what might be bothering the teacher. A good teacher is also able to communicate with his students. I want a teacher who can add pace and humor to the class. Therefore we will have a good time learning and make a lot of progress because we are not afraid to make mistakes; we can take chances to learn lots of new things. Encouraging and patient are also the characteristics of a good teacher. Students need a teacher who will not give up on them. When the teacher encourages positively, the students will apply themselves more diligently.

I want a teacher who will treat me as a person, on an equal basis with all the members of the class, regardless of sex, race… As teachers, you must look carefully at our classes to be certain that you are including everyone equally. The essence of teaching is very difficult to qualify but this one line leads me directly to my most essential criterion of a good teacher. It says: “That which is essential cannot be seen with the eyes. Only with the heart can one know it rightly”. Those characteristics listed above may be not enough but they are the main criterions of a good teacher which is someone I am trying hard to become.

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The Characteristics of a Good Teacher

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