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Characteristics of Effective Technical Writing

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Technical writing is suggested to get a task done. Everything else is secondary. If the writing design is interesting, so much the much better. There are 6 fundamental qualities of technical writing:

1. Clarity: The written file must communicate a single meaning that the reader can easily comprehend. Uncertain technical writing leads to squandered time, cash and resources. 2. Precision: This suggests to not just take care to avoid mistakes in taping facts; it also indicates flexibility from predisposition or subjectivity. If readers suspect you are inclining details by overstating the significance of a specific point, they have every right to doubt the validity of the whole document.

3. Comprehensiveness: A thorough technical document offers all the details its readers will require. Readers who need to act on a document need to be able to use the info effectively and efficiently.

4. Accessibility: This refers to the ease with which readers can locate the information they seek. Topic sentences should be used at the beginning of paragraphs.

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Thesis Statement should be identifiable in the introductory paragraph. 5. Conciseness: To be useful, technical writing must be concise. The longer a document is, the more difficult it is to use, for the obvious reason that it takes more of the reader’s time. A document must strive to balance the claims of clarity, conciseness, and comprehensiveness; it must be long enough to be clear-given the audience, purpose, and subject –but not a word longer. 6. Correctness: Good technical writing observes the conventions of grammar, spelling, punctuation, and usage. Leaving sloppy grammar errors in your writing is like wearing a soup-stained shirt to a business meeting: it will distract your readers, and may make them doubt the importance of your information.

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Characteristics of Effective Technical Writing

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