How to adapt technical writing for a general Audience Essay

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How to adapt technical writing for a general Audience

Many of you will find that you have to give paper, article or thesis frequently once you reach the professional world. For example, doctors have to be able to explain complicated medical procedures to patients, non-medical boards, and even the general public. Engineers have to communicate with government officials or clients who do not often deal with the technical specifics of projects. Researchers of all types must be able to relate their work to grant-funding sources, often outside their limited fields.

The objective of this essay is to give you idea in relating technical research findings to an audience that does not share your particular expertise. When you choose a technical document make sure you choose a topic that interests you and that can be reasonably summarized in a 3-5-page article. A subject with you are reasonably familiar is best, because you will need to be able to speak knowledgeably about the subject in your writing.

When you choose a topic, consider who outside your discourse community would be interested in it and why. What relevance would this have to the audience for your article? If you can’t think of a reason why your general audience would be interested, then it’s not a good topic.

For example if you decide to write on Basic Investment & Planning, your audience should be young married couple. You can’t present this to High school students or Teenagers.

It is easiest to imagine an audience if you have a clear sense of where they would encounter your article and why they would be reading it. Also, consider what they already know, what you hope they will know or be able to do after reading your article, and what beliefs or opinions they might already have about your topic.

Drafting your writing is very important thing. You have to be very careful about choices of vocabulary, sentence length, and sentence structure in making this adaptation. For example when you give your article on Fundamental of Basic Investment and Planning you can’t directly write about Cash Flow, NPV (Net present Value) AAP (Assets Allocation Plan). You have to structure your sentence in simple word so common people can understand. If you write, “AAP is always good for Long term Goal.” definitely your readers will not understand. But if you write, “Asset allocation is the strategy of dividing up your assets based on a tradeoff of risk and return, and that is why everyone should have Assets Allocation plan”. Now they will understand what you are saying.

In your writing you should always include definition and description as well as summary. You should always check your Writing on following criteria.

*Audience accommodation: Does the article effectively adapt technical information to the needs and knowledge level of a general audience?

*Content: Does the article adequately develop and explain the information given in the original source?

*Organization: Do the elements in the article relate to one another in a manner appropriate for the subject, target source, and audience?

*Style and mechanics: Is the writing clear? Are sentences written in active voice? Is the article free from grammatical and typographical errors?

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