Steps Helping to Write the Visual Analysis Essay

Visual analysis is a type of paper that presupposes description of a piece of art, painting or a photo. The aim of the writing of this type of paper is to examine the visual features of the piece of art. It also presupposes an explanation of the aim of the artist or photographer. It is also possible to explain the composition of the piece, deepening into the smallest details, colors, etc. There various types of subjects that can be analyzed. They can be modern or antique, produced by famous people or even anonymous.

This item could be in the form of sculpture, photo, an element from the film or a carton or any other type of visual art. A task to prepare a visual analysis paper can become a challenge for a student having no experience in this field. That is why there is a need to stick to specific rules, which can help in preparation of the task.

The first step writer should take before starting to write – make a small investigation to gather information about the painter.

Try to single out what inspired him or influenced him. Pay attention to the epoch when a painting was created. If you are describing the photo, attempt to discover the conditions or events that could influence the creator. After that, you have to be acquainted with some general facts about the image. Try to understand the overall mood of the painting or the photo and grasp the spirit of the picture. It will help you in future.

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The following step demands an ability to concentrate. One needs to concentrate on the image itself and try to understand the essence of the characters or objects depicted. Try to discover why the artist has used the current colors and placed the elements of the scene in a specific manner. Be sure, that all of these details can have the unique hidden sense.

Be attentive and try to tell the thing that you first noticed while looking at the picture. It is necessary to pay attention to the background on which the scene takes place, to mention exciting and unusual details in the composition that seemed curious to the viewer. Then it is worth noting what impression the image produces. For example, if the picture depicts a dark forest, and the sky above is gloomy, we can confidently say that the artist wanted to convey an alarming or sad mood. Try to trace the relation between the name of the picture and its content or plot, deepen into the topic, which the artist tried to convey. It is not necessary to refer to directories and books on history (although if the picture depicts a historical scene or an ancient ruler, it can help). It is important to remember that all the most important, all the hints already exist in the picture – you just need to note all the details and collect them into a single whole. You can refer to the literature for the final part of the essay – a short conclusion, in which it is worth to write how typical this work is for a particular artist and what place it occupies in his artistic heritage.

In the first paragraph of your visual analysis, you may describe the rhetorical situation. Try to analyze the audience. Make sure you have discovered the aim the meaning the artists were trying to convey. Describe the reaction the picture caused in your soul. Mention what the central idea behind the creation was. Analyze the main points covered. You have to understand that the reader and the artist are communicating through the images and colors. Make sure that you have preserved sequence linked paragraphs and the structure of the visual analysis paper. The analysis should be logical and coherent, defending the description and evaluation of all the details.

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