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There are many ways to make a difference in someone else’s life. Growing up, I learned that helping others was a great way to make an impact on another person’s life. In the Catholic Church, serving others is a lesson you learn early on. There are many ways to help others. You can donate toys, food, and cloths. You can help your parents around the house. You can help a brother a sister with their homework. Or you can help a friend with their problem.

I chose to help others by volunteering my time, especially children younger than me.

One of my volunteer activities is the homework club. Here, I help children with their homework after school. It is very rewarding because I remember when I was younger and could have used help with some of my homework when my parents were not able to help. I also participated in St. Baldrick’s, which is a school event that raises money for cancer patients by shaving my head.

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This was also very rewarding because it allowed me to feel a bit how a cancer patient feels. As a boy scout, I often did activities that helped my neighborhood. But, the most rewarding activity and one I may have enjoyed the most is volunteering at my parish carnival where I helped children with special needs play the carnival games and make sure they were safe. I really enjoyed this because when I helped one of the children it would make them happy, I could tell by the smiles on their faces.

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What I have learned is that if more people took the time to be more thoughtful of other people and less selfish, we would live in a better and happier world. All people can make a difference with an action, a word, or a kind act. By taking the time to make these small acts of kindness once a day, the people you help are happy and you would feel better and rewarded because you helped another person, even if it was a small thing. It does not have to be something big, like giving a lot of money or building a house, you can do a small think just smiling or saying hello to someone you see but do not know or you can just open the door for someone.

When you do something small and kind for a person, you never know when that one small act will make them feel better because maybe they were tire or grump from school or work and a nice thing like opening a door for them will make them feel a little better. Doing small things for others shows that you care for another person and I think that is what makes you a better person.

The most important thing I have learned about helping another person and making a difference in their life is that doing the act of kindness is my reward. I do not do things because I want to be recognized for it but do it because it feels good and I know other people like it, like the person I am helping or my parents.

Going to St. Rita will help reinforce this type of action in me and is something I am looking forward to when I am in high school.

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