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Statement of purpose in Lingustics and Literature

I have always possessed an affinity for languages and this passion was further ignited while I was in the university where I graduated with a First Class Honours in Linguistics and Spanish. After my third year in the University of Ghana I was one of the seven students awarded a scholarship by the government of Ghana to study Spanish in Cuba for a year as a result of my outstanding academic performance. I had an indelible experience in Cuba. Not only did my level of Spanish improve but the Cuban experience has prepared me to understand trans-cultural issues deeper especially with regard to Latin America and the Caribbean.

There, I developed a sense of global citizenship realising how small the world has become and how adversely or positively our actions or inactions can affect one another.

At the University, courses like Spanish History and Literature quickened my interest in the Spanish culture. I particularly enjoyed Golden Age Spanish Literature which was a period of flourishing in arts and literature in Spain where I read about influential artists in Europe like Diego Velazquez and prolific writers like Lope de Vega, and Miguel de Cervantes and Nicolas Guillen.

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This has helped me understand the culture of Spain as well as how it relates with the rest of the European world. In my fourth year I took a course in language and gender which exposed me to the sociolinguistic nature of society. I took a particular interest in understanding the various approaches to language and gender theory and research; the waves of feminism and how they may be linked to the development of various language and gender approaches and the fight for equity in media and politics.

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That same year I worked as a freelance interpreter providing interpretation services to Spanish businessmen in Ghana and that got me excited to explore other areas that could break barriers in our world today.

However, Linguistics and Literature aren’t the only fields for which I’ve developed a sincere fondness; I am interested in studying the challenges that face the entire globe and for which I dedicated time as a volunteer with an NGO that is passionate about people and community development using the Model United Nations as one of its tools to make impact. Our deliberations around the Sustainable Development Goals have birthed projects like the Project Food Watch and the FarmCapture which are all yet to be implemented. My experience with the Model United Nations conferences has equipped me with creative skills, leadership, good writing and problem solving skills. I have also volunteered with H2O4ALL, a Canadian based NGO that provides safe drinking water and toilet facilities for Tsopoli, a small town in Ghana. I need mention the confidence and organizational skills I have acquired over the years through classroom presentations and my experience as a delegate and Chairperson at Model UN Summits.

I am a self motivated, hard working and determined young lady with excellent communication skills and I am open-minded to learn from all sources not only for my personal development but also to impact my society. I am able to work with people from different backgrounds in a professional way to achieve a common goal. My one year study in Cuba exposed me to a multicultural environment as I interacted with people from around the world which included East Africans, Europeans and Asians and most of whom I am still in contact with. There, I led a group of Ghanaians and Angolans to perform a traditional dance from Ghana during the “Festival of Artists” for which we won a gold medal and qualified to the provincial level and won a bronze medal.

My choice for University of Bristol was motivated by the amazing history of women who are now celebrated as a result of the University’s commitment to promote gender equality by providing equal opportunities for them. Again, the School of International Studies has an intellectually stimulating program structure; offering courses like International Development Organisation using case studies to give me a hands-on perspective of management; which is fundamental to the realization of my short term goal of having an internship with UNDP and my long term goal of running my own NGO in Africa.

Ultimately, I envision myself becoming a diplomat. I intend to direct the skills and knowledge acquired from studying International Relations in establishing an NGO in my country upon my return, with a focus on influencing social and cultural development. Socio-cultural issues in rural Africa and even in Latin America which includes equity for marginalized and vulnerable people need to be tackled using strategic methods and expertise; a fundamental that Msc International Relations in University of Bristol offers. With my proficiency in Spanish language and experience with Caribbean people, I see myself in some years working as an ambassador in a Latin American country to promote economic and cultural relations between our two nations.

This prestigious scholarship will not only take away my financial concerns but will also give me more time to study, gain knowledge and secure better grades. Luiss University of Rome presents a wealth of cultural diversity and an enviable educational system of which I wish to contribute and be a part of. I look forward to the opportunity to immerse myself in the culture and experience the extraordinary blend of traditional and modern styles both in architecture and way of life. I am prepared and excited by the prospect of learning international relations with a focus on International development in the context the African culture. Your Masters degree in International Relations offers me an ideal interdisciplinary environment wherein I can develop skills I need as an aspiring diplomat to be able to work in organizations where I can have the most impact on cultural and social development. Truly, I am committed to this intellectual adventure and so it is only a natural step for me to apply for this program, one I am prepared to work tirelessly for, with diligence and alacrity.

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