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Is Corporal Punishment an Effective Means of Discipline?
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Is disciplining children with corporal punishment ethical? This topic has been going on for centuries and remains a widely argued and debated issue. Corporal punishment not only carries the in-built danger of escalation, but it also impacts the child psychologically, infringes their right, and causes irreversible damages to their cognitive development. Children as society’s smallest and vulnerable members deserve more, not less protection from assault, and they should be treated equally with dignity and respect. Corporal punishment infringes and denies…...
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What’s the Best Way to Discipline My Child?
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Disciplining children varies in many ways. There are some people that believe physical punishment such as spanking could never be an acceptable way in disciplining children, while there are those who consider spanking as an appropriate way in disciplining a child. So, should spanking a child be an acceptable practice for parents or caregivers to use in disciplining? This matter has been researched, discussed, and had people take different sides on the issue and voiced out their opinions. According to…...
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Should Parents Discipline Their Children by Spanking Them?
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Bridge: Children are progressively helpless to awful impacts and ten to gain from their encompassing condition. Thesis statement: Spanking a child isn't illegal in many spots. In any case, guardians who use it in their homes are being blamed for a child's misuse. Body paragraph 1 : Topic sentence: According Melinda Wanner Mayer, a science and health writer “surveys suggest that nearly half of the U.S have spanked their children a discipline abuse. Reason 1: Parents faced that about choosing…...
Child DisciplineCorporal PunishmentParentSpanking
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Is Spanking an Effective Way to Discipline Kids?
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Spanking is a weird controversial topic today. Some people believe it is best not to spank your child and then there are the ones that think it is a necessity too. When it comes to my opinion on it, I say to let it happen. People think that spanking is an abusive form of the disciple but from what I can remember, it has never been painful. Spanking a child’s butt does not hurt unless the parents are hitting them…...
Corporal PunishmentDisciplineSpanking
Spanking: Abuse or discipline?
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Pages • 6
Spanking is a mild form of physical punishment, which is commonly used by parents as a form of discipline. Spanking has involved the act of striking the buttocks of the child to cause physical pain, generally with an open hand. Although spanking is a mild form of punishment but still spanking has many negative impacts on children with no positive outcome. According to Gershoff E.T (2013) “Spanking is a form of violence” (p.136). However, Den, A. Trumbell (2010) argues that…...
Corporal Punishment and its Correlation to Animal Cruelty Among Children
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Pages • 10
Animal cruelty is considered to be a potential risk factor for aggressive human behavior leading towards criminality. Animal cruelty can be defined as a socially unacceptable behavior that causes unnecessary pain and suffering of an animal, eventually leading towards death (Ascione, 1999). Research has examined broader literature on aggression and other antisocial behavior and found factors that are predictive of animal cruelty involving biological risk factors and individual difference risk factors (Gullone, 2014). When evaluating risk factors, one may also…...
AggressionCorporal PunishmentSpankingStop Cruelty Against Animals
Should smacking children be banned?
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Being a parent is a tough enough job - the last thing we need is someone telling us how we can and cannot punish our children. Being smacked does not damage children, it is gone as quickly as it happens, but it does serve a valuable purpose, if your kids respond to it. Most parents know the difference between smacking and beating a child and the two are very different. One of the most used definitions of smacking is 'lawful…...
ChildrenHuman NatureSocial IssuesSpanking
Is Corporal Punishment a Strategy for Behavioral Change
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A stitch in time saves nine. This is a famous proverb which means to deal with problems now than to act later. Similarly managing behavior and emotional disorders should start in childhood rather than waiting for them to escalate out of proportion later on in adolescence or adulthood. The question is what is the best way of managing bad behavior? In most societies corporal punishment has been one of the interventions used to address behavioral disorders and emotional behaviors. What…...
BehaviorChangeCorporal PunishmentHuman NatureOperant ConditioningPsychology
Corporal Punishment in Schools
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Pages • 6
Corporal punishment is the deliberate infliction of pain as retribution for an offence, or for the purpose of disciplining or reforming a wrongdoer, or to deter attitudes or behaviour deemed unacceptable (Miller, Vandome, & McBrewster, 2009). Corporal punishment can be divided into three categories, these include: judicial, domestic and school. For the purpose of this essay we will be focusing on school corporal punishment, the advantages and guidelines to follow when using corporal punishment and the disadvantages and effects on…...
Corporal PunishmentSpanking
To Spank or Not to Spank, Where Do You Draw the Line?
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How do you discipline your children? Do you think it's okay to discipline them by spanking them? Parents use discipline to teach their children the difference between right and wrong. What is right and what is wrong? Ninety percent of parent thinks that the only way to deal with misbehaving children is to give them a smack. "The American Academy of Pediatricians say that spanking might actually do more harm than good", meaning that the spanking will not correct the…...
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Effective Parenting
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Pages • 7
In life, we learn and grow from the people in our environment. Whether it is a best friend, sister, or teacher we have learned something new from them. We have seen how people can have a major effect on our behavior, attitude, and social development. From this, we can gather that parents are one of the key components in fostering a child’s development. A lot of quality aspects are needed in order to be a respectable parent. Decent parents must…...
ChildEthicsParentParentingParenting StylesSpanking
Benefits of Spanking
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A famous idiom says “spare the rod and spoil the child” which simply means that if the parent will not punish his child when the latter has committed something wrong, then the child will not be able to distinguish right from wrong. The child will likewise never learn good manners and right conduct. Research says that Sweden was the first country to ban spanking in 1979. Through the years, there have been several movements against spanking of children. In fact,…...
Should Parents Spank Their Children
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There are many different ways to educate children but it is sure that parents just spank children when there is no way because no one want to hurt their children. Some people say that “spare the rob and spoil the child”,but I think that parents should not use spank as a punishment for children. People should not spank their childrend for many reasons. First,It cause many bad effects on children,especially when they are young. In this age group,children don’t have…...
ChildCommunicationParents For ChildrenSpanking
Why you should not spank
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Spanking does nothing to teach a child to develop inner discipline. A child's focus is on the spanking itself, not on a review of the behavior that led to it. After a spanking, a child does not sit in his room and think, "Gee, I sure goofed. But I really learned something. Next time I'll behave." Instead a child is typically thinking, "It's not fair! She doesn't understand! I hate her." Another problem with spanking is that spanking is seen…...
Child DisciplineFamilyHuman NatureParentParentingPsychology
Why spanking works
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 I will not baby-sit for a family if they don't discipline their children. It is one of the first questions I ask the parents, because in my experience, if parents do not discipline their children, their kids are brats. I believe that though seen as one of the stickiest issues in childrearing, discipline is also the most important. Most parents will agree on this fact, but the controversy comes wth the method of choice. Spanking, when done in love, is…...
Child AbuseChildhoodSpankingWork
Why Spanking Children Is Wrong
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Parents have been spanking their children for hundreds of years, but recently this practice has come into question. The concern is not regarding the effectiveness of spanking but the correctness of spanking. Parents should not be allowed to strike their children. Child abuse is defined as any unnecessary or intentional physical or emotional or sexual mistreatment of children. Spanking is not the only method of child discipline. Spanking is not even the most effective method of child discipline. Numerous studies…...
AbuseChild AbuseChild DisciplineChildrenSpanking
Justice: Childhood Love Lessons
Words • 704
Pages • 3
Scares, bruises, and welts are just some of the marks abusive parents leave on their children. However, spanking and slapping on the hand when disobeying are ways to teach loving discipline. In Justice: Childhood Love Lessons bell hooks claims that "No one can rightfully claim to be loving when behaving abusively." Parents that abuse their children do not show or teach love. However, it is unfair to claim that a slap on the hand is considered abuse and the parents…...
Discipline by spanking your children is not Abuse
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Pages • 9
In an ideal world, spanking would never be necessary. However, on rare occasions it may be necessary to smack your child's bottom. I do not intend to either promote or discourage spanking, but rather to give parents correct instruction on using non-abusive spanking in discipline. Spanking is a much-debated topic. Most child psychologists do not recommend spanking as a discipline method for children. However, other psychologists and many parents will tell you that a spanking given with fairness, love and…...
AbuseAngerChildChild AbuseDisciplineSpanking
Corporal Punishment
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A 2013 study by Elizabeth Gershoff and her team (cited below) reviewed the previous two decades of research and confirmed that children who are spanked have less gray matter in their brains, and are more likely to exhibit depression, anxiety, drug use, and aggression as they get older. The only positive outcome that's ever been shown from corporal punishment is immediate compliance; however, corporal punishment is associated with less long-term compliance. Corporal punishment has repeatedly been linked with nine other…...
Corporal PunishmentHuman NaturePsychologySpanking
Should parents smack their children
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Pages • 5
In this essay I am going to outline and assess the effects of smacking children and what the consequences are in later life. I will use evidence and statistics and evaluate the outcome of them. Do you want your child to grow up with violence, theft, drugs and bulling? Dr Phill Jones argues that children who were smacked as a child are more likely to bully, use drugs and get involved in violent crime. Children may not always feel safe…...
BullyingChildCrimeParents For ChildrenSpankingViolence
Positive Effects of Corporal Punishment
Words • 1691
Pages • 7
Corporal punishment in regards to spanking has been used for hundreds of years in educational systems and in house holds and is still legal in all fifty states for parents to use in there household because it is an effective way to punish a child for wrong behavior. Even though in the last couple of decades this topic has been very controversial, many countries and educational systems have decided to outlawed corporal punishment because of the belief that it has…...
AggressionCorporal PunishmentHuman NaturePsychologySpankingViolence
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To Spank or Not to Spank, Where Do You Draw the Line?
...Children should never be spanked. The anger from the parent should never ever be taken out on the child. Children can many times be very annoying and be very bad behaved but this does not give grown ups the wright to use abuse to the child. If a chil...
Why you should not spank
...Spanking does teach a lesson. The lesson is: "When you don't know what else to do - hit!" or "When you're bigger you can hit." Or "When you're really angry you can get your way by hitting." It's common knowledge that children who are frequently hit a...
Why spanking works
...One fruit of properly training children when young, is that later, as young adults, they will have the right attitude towards authority. Well-trained children are easily recognized by other adults for their good behavior and good manners. They grow u...
Why Spanking Children Is Wrong
...In an effort to create well-behaved children, many parents are spanking their children. This is not an appropriate form of discipline. When parents spank their child, they are instilling fear, not teaching a lesson. Spanking creates anger and resentm...
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