Does parental “tough love” really work? 

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As a child I never understood why my parents were so tough on me. I would sometimes think that it was their way of saying they’re mad at me. I was young and didn’t comprehend how they were feeling towards me. Mistakes happen and we have to learn from those mistakes. So why would parents show us tough love if we make mistakes? Could they not just talk to us straightforward? Does parental tough love really work?

Not all parents are the same.

Some parents let their kids get away with things and other parents punish their kids. They all have their own way of parenting, but many do not turn out how their parents want. Because, yes all kids have that rebellious in them that makes them do things they shouldn’t be doing. The one thing kids do not know is that there are consequences to all their actions. Depending on how their household is some consequences or horrible, others not so much.

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Parents that let their kids do anything and everything aren’t teaching them a lesson. Because if teens were to get to do anything they wanted they will start to take advantage of their parents. So when one day the parent says no to them they aren’t going to take them serious, and still do as they please. They are all going to think that when you say “no” to them that you’re just joking around. If teens start off young doing this at home, then they probably do the same out of the house.

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For example, at school they could be talking back to the teacher because they weren’t taught how to speak to an adult properly. Also, they might not listen to their teacher, and not care about their grades. Basically they do whatever they were taught, which is doing as they please. But don’t his consequences for back to them. Because the parents are supposed to teach these teens had to act, And behave and to do things right. Their slack towards life reflect a hundred percent on the parents.

Parents that show tough love to their teens shows them that there are consequences to their actions (Asthana). And why they do what they do. They realize that these parents want the best for them, and they’re just looking out for them. Parents like these guide you to strive for nothing but the best. If you respect everyone in your household then out of the house they will show respect as well. These parents discipline their teams and show them that to earn respect you first have to show respect towards them. These teens also try to prove to their parents that they try their hardest and anything they set their mind to in school they should have good grades and with this thinking their parents because without them they wouldn’t be where they are now (Spanking). This can all be done with showing a little tough love at times. She should realize the in between to and too much tough love.

Parents that show too much tough love push their teens away from them. It makes them hate their parents for how they are treated. This causes them to be more rebellious than before. It shows that their parents don’t care about them and that they get hit for no reason. This act makes them bully people at their school (The Good). They think that treating other kids how their parents should treat them help some let out some anger. But none of this is true this makes them do things they aren’t supposed to do slash making things worse.

Most of us think parents that mistreat their kids are bad parents. And parents that aren’t tough on their kids are good because they can do whatever they please. Honestly parents need to know that there is always an in between, not too rough, not too easy. This really works to make your kid be disciplined and know that there are boundaries to everything.

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