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Elder abuse is the main issue affect around the world
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Elder abuse is the main issue affect around the world. Many aged people are not aware of their disease which causes trouble in their health. Elder people became unhealthy which creates a situation of dependence on others that cause as a victim of abuse. Aged people have their own virtues and nobility. They should be respected by their families as well as care provider. For the safety of senior neglect, there are more relevant codes, laws, and official paper of…...
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Nursing Home Abuse
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Approximately 1.4 million elderly people reside in long term care facilities, such as nursing homes. The families that admit their loved ones to these long term care facilities believe that excellent care is being provided to them. Many of the residents in nursing home settings receive adequate health care, but a numerous amount of other residents are subjected to abuse and neglect. It is believed that nearly one-third of all nursing homes have residents that are subjected to abuse either…...
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Definition of types of abuse in Health care
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1. How to recognise signs of abuse: Definition of types of abuse and yours respective signs: 1.1.1 Physical Abuse:According with NCPEA (National Committee for the Prevention of Elder Abuse) Physical Abuse is a physical force or violence that results in bodily injury, pain or impairment. It is a non-accident use of physical force resulting in body harm. Eg. Pushing, force feeding, burning, scalding, etc. see more:explain how the likelihood of abuse may be reduced by encouraging active participation 1.1.2 Signs that a Physical abuse has happened: Injuries or bruises; Scratches marks or cuts; Bite marks; Cigarette marks; Behaviour indicators; Sprains, fractures,…...
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Elder Abuse
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The Seriousness of Elder Abuse in Hong Kong Families To let older adults enjoy a sense of security and a sense of belonging is a time-honoured tradition in the Chinese society. Unfortunately, elder abuse has risen as a serious social problem in Hong Kong. An organization called “The Against Elderly Abuse of Hong Kong” has received 2212 requests for assistance related to elder abuse in 2011, which has doubled the number of requests received in 2006 (“Cases of elder abuse,”…...
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