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From ancient civilizations to modern governments, space has always fascinated the human race. We have competed and worked with each other in order to reach the same goal: learn what is truly out there. In this day and age, when technology is becoming more advanced, this field should be expanding, but instead, the United States has put a stop to manned space exploration. 

Space Exploration and Earth
Words • 414
Pages • 2
One day the Earth will not be suitable for human life to live on. NASA will need to start looking for another planets like Mars that are suitable to live on so when that day comes we are ready. So therefore there are many reasons for space exploration. Astronauts will gain knowledge and become smarter, also NASA has the best trained astronauts on the field according to critics. Others may say that Mars is too dangerous to explore, but in…...
Space Exploration
Space Exploration Essay
Words • 1045
Pages • 5
Should humans really make the effort to find a way to live in space or on other planets? Earth is our main possible long term habitat, but it is very delicate. Even if we avoid making it partly unlivable because of pollution, global warming, and etc. It's also in the middle of the firing line for passing asteroids. At one and time Earth will be hit by a huge rock. It could be soon, or it could be in a…...
Space Exploration
The Controversy of the Government’s Money Spending in the United States and the NASA’s Poor Handling
Words • 2582
Pages • 11
One of the most prominent controversies of government spending in recent years has been the funding of space exploration. Space exploration requires substantial costs and commitments, which are certainly enough to put a country in serious debt if budgets are handled poorly. With other domestic issues becoming more prominent and requiring more funding, NASA has become something of an afterthought. At first glance, space exploration funding seems like a waste of time and money that would be better off invested…...
EconomySpace Exploration
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Disabling of Hypermasculinity in Black Men
Words • 1758
Pages • 8
As a social construct, masculinity is a complex force that often drives behaviors and attitudes for men. While these behaviors are often shaped by societal expectations, values, and ideals of manhood; its implications can be especially disabling or even deadly when considering the Black male. Black men have long faced societal isolation, inequality, and disrespect compared to their white counterparts. As black men navigate their way through society they are constantly reminded through implicit and subtle acts of racism, media…...
Тhе Space
Afrofuturism and Black Womanhood 
Words • 1664
Pages • 7
Displays of resilience have long been part of African history within the diaspora. A constant need to defend Black bodies from enslavement, Jim Crow, sexual violence, and police brutality have allowed Black people to create spaces that accommodate them and fight for their inclusion within history. The ways in which activism engaged with these concepts are prominent within the arts and more specifically music and literature. These two mediums have been used as radical declarations of pro Blackness and were…...
Тhе Space
Reason to Visit United Kingdom
Words • 926
Pages • 4
The United Kingdom may be a small country, however; it is unique in many ways. There is great history behind this place. The economy is great, also there are many amazing sites for you to visit. Their culture is very distinctive. The United Kingdom has well managed schools. But just let me warn you now before we go on or better yet before you travel to this place, you must have all of your shots including a rabies shot just…...
ArtТhе Space
Stonehenge or Stone Circles of Wessex
Words • 544
Pages • 3
Benjamin Ray’s new theory came out Stonehenge I,II, and III to be have a astrological purpose. He thought that there was a significance in it being built in a circle and in a open field. Benjamin Ray basically agreed with Geoffrey of Monmouth that had the theory of Stonehenge being a memorial. There was thoughts about the function of Stonehenge being used as a ritual interpretation connecting with astronomical orientation of the monument. The Bronze Age had paramount chief ships,…...
ArtТhе Space
Hypothesis and Theories of Stonehenge
Words • 1464
Pages • 6
Stonehenge is an extensive ring of stones that stands in the southern portion of England approximately one hundred and forty kilometers southwest of London. It is acknowledged as one of Earth’s great mysteries and is visited by millions annually. Very little is known about the U.K. treasure, but show anyone a picture of the one hundred large stones presented in their circular arrangement and it is immediately recognized. “The famous ring of standing stone pillars has been the subject of…...
ArtТhе Space
A Research on Designing a Sustainable, Reusable, Low-Cost Single-Stage-to-Orbit Spacecraft (SSTO)
Words • 2244
Pages • 9
The topic of research that this bibliographic essay is meant to assist with is that of designing a sustainable, reusable, low-cost Single-Stage-To-Orbit spacecraft, also known as an SSTO. An SSTO is a form of rocket that makes its' orbital ascension without dropping off empty tanks or used-up engines. Common problems encounter with theoretical designs of SSTOs is that you are unable to stage away a bulky, inefficient, low-atmosphere engine in favor of a lighter and more efficient upper-atmosphere one. As…...
Тhе Space
An Analysis of the Issues Astronomy Faces, the Advantages of Infrared Astronomy, and James Webb Space Telescope
Words • 1979
Pages • 8
Space and ground based astronomy both have their advantages and disadvantages. There are many challenges concerning ground observations that require adapting technologies and oftentimes these challenges can be avoided or overcome by investing in space based astronomy instead. Some of the main challenges to overcome in ground based astronomy are star twinkling, temperature changes, Earth's gravitational field, and limited angular resolution. Space based astronomy can avoid these challenges, but this type of astronomy also faces some challenges involving high cost…...
AstronomySpace Exploration
A Discussion on Whether the Universe as a Whole Could Fail to be Contingent
Words • 2559
Pages • 11
In order to determine how the universe as a whole could fail to be contingent and in need of an explanation if everything within the universe is, two issues must be discussed; firstly whether the universe as a whole could fail to be contingent, and secondly whether it could fail to be in need of an explanation. For something to be contingent means that it may or may not have existed, so if everything in the universe is contingent then…...
UniverseUniverse And Solar System
Mars Colonization`s Goal Worthy
Words • 1602
Pages • 7
Also referred to as extraterrestrial colonization or space settlement, space colonization is a lasting habitation of human beings away from planet earth. After the Apollo mission to the moon was completed, the 1960s and 1970's photographic analysis carried out by Mariner spacecraft in Mars, and the Martian surface's probes Viking in 1970s, the development of Mars colony has been considered as one of the main objectives of space programs today. In his speech on July 1989 at the National Air…...
Life On MarsMarsPlanet
Save Earth Before Colonizing Mars
Words • 779
Pages • 4
Has humanity irreversibly defaced earth from being a sustainable planet for further centuries? Many would believe that humanity has come to a point of constant destruction of earth with no hope for change. This thought process has come forth with the resolution of starting a new sustainable planet on mars. However, it is tremendously more challenging to restart than to fix damage and change simplistic daily routines. As a global unit we do not have the resources on earth or…...
Blissful State of Mind
Words • 897
Pages • 4
Southern California is known for its year round sunny weather and sublime beaches with sun kissed people strolling along them. Huntington Beach fits this stereotype perfectly, with eight and a half miles of beautiful coast and hundreds of surfers on the waves daily, there is no wonder why it’s earned the nickname of Surf City. A small stretch of the beach, only a mile long, is the magical oasis of dog paradise. This is a place where dogs are allowed…...
HappinessHappiness In LifeSun
Feasibility of Colonizing Mars
Words • 1119
Pages • 5
Introduction The main focus of possible human colonization on any planet, is mars. The surface conditions on mars and its atmosphere, make it seem more habitable than any other planet in the solar system, besides earth. There are many reasons why mars would need to be colonized, but is it a viable option? Many technological advancements are needed to sustain life on mars, as well as traveling to mars, these advancements could help with human stability and the growth of…...
Colonizing The Moon: Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin
Words • 1758
Pages • 8
On July 20, 1969, Apollo 11 took off. On that very same day, both Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin landed on the moon, Neil Armstrong being the first one to set foot on the satellite. Since this event occurred, many governments and companies have made progress in their space technologies, hoping to do the same or more than the Americans did back in 1969. If we think about colonizing the moon, it might sound easy at first, but it is…...
A Trip To MoonMoonSpace ExplorationТhе Space
A Trip to the Moon: George Melies Journey Into Narrative Cinema
Words • 3009
Pages • 13
The image of a rocket ship flying into the eye of the moon is world famous, so famous that the name Georges Méliès is rarely attached to it. Georges Méliès was one of the first cinematographers of the early twentieth century to step beyond the documentaries and “actualités” of the Lumière brothers. Méliès began his entertainment career in the theatre as a stage magician, becoming a master of illusion and trick. The invention of the cinematograph and the kinetograph opened…...
A Trip To MoonMoonТhе Space
Life on Mars: Exploration & Evidence
Words • 412
Pages • 2
One day the Earth will not be suitable for human life to live on. NASA will need to start looking for another planet like Mars that are suitable to live on so when that day comes we are ready. So therefore there are many reasons for space exploration. Astronauts will gain knowledge and become smarter, also NASA has the best-trained astronauts on the field according to critics. Others may say that Mars is too dangerous to explore, but in the…...
Life In SpaceLife On MarsMarsSpace Exploration
Life and Orbital Objects in Space
Words • 996
Pages • 4
Where are we? We are living on a medium-sized planet which is the third planet from the Sun. At just the right distance from the Sun, liquid water exists on the surface of this planet giving it a distinctive blue appearance from space. So far, this planet is the only one we knew to harbour life. This planet, we called it Earth and to many, home. From Earth to Space Ever since ancient times, people have been fascinated by outer…...
Life In SpaceUniverseТhе Space
The Value We Attached With Human Life
Words • 1862
Pages • 8
We know there are plenty of problems do we have for the manned space mission and how to handle these and how to overcome to these problems can be a sheer headache to allow , that does not means that the manned space mission is coming to an end and we are deeply entered into the other part of space mission. Some say that the ultimate landing mission to the space journey is landing at the moon and for this…...
Space ExplorationThe Value Of Life
The Inclusion of Transgender Women in the Miss Universe
Words • 515
Pages • 3
In a beauty-pageant-crazy country like the Philippines, the annual Miss Universe pageantry is a most-awaited event for many Filipinos. It is that time when many Filipino people gravitate towards their TV sets with their eyes wide open as though entranced on the pageant events as they unfold. Probably next to boxing, the Miss Universe pageant is the most-widely watched worldwide event in the Philippines. As evidence of the country’s penchant for this event, the country has fared quite well as…...
Donald TrumpTransgenderUniverseWomen
Frida Kahlo’s Self-Representations and Questions of Identity
Words • 469
Pages • 2
Frida Kahlo once stated, “I paint my reality. The only thing I know is that I paint because I need to, and I paint whatever passes through my head without any other consideration”. Art has been around for several centuries and has had many impacts on society. Women have been one of the biggest subjects in Art. They have been represented in many different perspectives throughout the years of the time era the painting was made. The three works of…...
Frida KahloIdentityVenus
Chris Hadfield: The Most Inspiring Astronaut
Words • 921
Pages • 4
Do you know what defines a truly influential person? Is it someone that pushes the boundaries of human knowledge? Is it someone that inspires others to pursue their dreams? Chris Hadfield is one such person. Born in Sarnia, Ontario, on August 29, 1959, former astronaut and retired fighter and test pilot, Col. Chris Hadfield is truly a man of many contributions. He vindicated Canada’s contribution to space exploration, inspired young people around the world to pursue space, and is a…...
AstronautFlightSpace Exploration
Simple pendulum
Words • 233
Pages • 1
Hypothesis The period of an oscillating pendulum is given by the equation: T=2pi sqrt((l)/(g)) Where T is the period time of the pendulum, L is the length of the thread of the pendulum, and g is the gravitational acceleration. The acceleration due to gravity can be calculated using this formula and by knowing both the time period, and the length of the thread of the pendulum. Apparatus Spherical bob, Thread, Stop Watch, Tall Stand Clamp Method Attach a long piece…...
EducationExperimentGravityPhysicsThe Pit and The PendulumTime
Rocket Spanish Review – Is Rocket Spanish Worth It?
Words • 315
Pages • 2
Rocket Spanish is the popular Spanish Language course created by Mauricio Evlampieff. It’s promise is that you will be able to speak Spanish confidently and naturally in 3 months. As a keen learner of the Spanish language, I purchased it. I had previously bought other courses, so how does Rocket Spanish compare? Well firstly Rocket Spanish is the cheapest online Spanish language product that I know of. However, this does not mean anything with regards to it's quality. Rocket Spanish…...
The Ioko, Vignette and Sun Microsystems partnership
Words • 386
Pages • 2
During the launch of the platform of Converged Digital Content Delivery; Ioko which is a specialist in digital and on-demand media, Sun Microsystems; leading global provider of hardware, software and services and also the Vignette, the management enterprise content provider of software, gave an announcement on partnership agreement. This announcement was meant to provide a solution which is combined and in order to enable the Telco operators, the service providers for internet together with the media and companies of entertainment…...
SunTechnologyWorld Wide Web
The moon Goddess Diana
Words • 1534
Pages • 7
One couldn't survive without the other: to appreciate daytime, we need night; the wood's wildness must co-exist with the civility of the city; and although passion is sometimes necessary, it must be balanced out by reason. It is with these pairs in mind - and the picture of a spherical, united universe just out of their reach - that the reader must view the concept of marriage in 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'. Shakespeare is highlighting the fact that both males…...
Brilliant Stars: Bach vs. Handel
Words • 1155
Pages • 5
“Founding fathers” of the music Most Baroque or Classical composers are considered the “founding fathers” of the music that we know of today, and we owe it all to their brilliant minds. Meaning, they have shaped the way we look at music and how they have inspired us today. Of those “founding fathers,” George Frideric Handel and Johann Sebastian Bach are undoubtedly included. Most likely because they have affected the music world and history itself. Born in the same year…...
Classical MusicMusicStars
Aquinas’ First mover
Words • 879
Pages • 4
Introduction The argument in question is based on whether God exists, or the overall relation of the universe’s existence. The focus of this argument will be about if the universe exists then something must have cause it to exist. whether it was by God or another unknown source that made it. There does not necessarily need to be an explanation for people who do not support this argument as the universes’ current state of existence. Why the universe exists? I…...
GodReligionThomas AquinasUniverse
The American Association of Variable Star Observers
Words • 1227
Pages • 5
A star which falls in this strip will become a pulsating variable star. Matthew Templeton, from the American Association of Variable Star Observers, stated that "In all other stars, the energy that is created is dissipated and the pulsations die away. " [26] This means that for stars that don't fall in this strip the energy, from the increase in temperatures and pressure, gets distributed out and the pulsations slowly diminish in amplitude and the star stops pulsating and an…...
Advancing Physics Coursework
Words • 1012
Pages • 5
The Theory of Gravity has been transformed through the last century, from an original and important classical framework to more recent relativistic and then quantum interpretations, eventually culminating in a specific requirement to link it all together with the other forces and create a unified theory of everything. The search for unification is currently very much dependent upon experimentation and raises questions as to the scientific validity of String Theory and whether it exists as science or philosophy - or…...
GravityMechanical EngineeringPhysicsScienceScientific method
Wordsworth compares his infancy to a ‘visible scene on which the sun is shining’
Words • 720
Pages • 3
Wordsworth's infancy was indeed an inspiration to him, and references to his youth can be found throughout his poems, but most obviously in Books I and II of the Prelude. Here he compares his youth to a 'visible scene on which the sun is shining' and this is apparently so. It was also during his infancy where the seeds of Pantheism and his unique view on nature where planted. In order for us to investigate the validity of the above…...
NatureSunWilliam Wordsworth
What Drives History?
Words • 698
Pages • 3
“History is the Essence of Innumerable Biographies” -Thomas CarlyleWhat drives history? Before we answer this question, we must go deeper and answer a more important question: What is history? History is, simply, all of the events, ideas, people, and occurrences that have existed in the past. These things have been driven by one common factor: individuals. Although individuals driving history may seem like a rather simple answer, it is the only one that provides no flaws. One such individual who…...
HistoryPhilosophyScienceUniverseТhе Space
What a Star – What a Jerk?
Words • 1255
Pages • 6
1. What are the facts (note: do not include opinions, observations, or assumptions)? The facts are as follows: the study is focused on a series of email between former coworkers Jane Epstein and Rick Lazarus of BCP that took place from 5/14/01 through 6/12/01. Jane just began to work at TechniCO, based in Minneapolis, as a group leader. Her new team consists of four team members: Caroline-who has been employed at TechniCO the longest, is going through a divorce, and…...
Vodka on a Sunday!
Words • 1041
Pages • 5
arents who have illegitimate children can be isolated from the surrounding world. Furthermore do some Catholics think that the involved should be banished from the Catholic faith. Frustration and anxiousness can lead to secrets in families and a tense atmosphere. One often put up facades to hide something. Every relationship is special as we see in the short story. "Vodka on a Sunday" written by Fiona Gartland is a contemporary short story which deals with these issues. The whole storey…...
Visitors Experience On Visiting Jantar Mantar Cultural Studies Essay
Words • 1727
Pages • 7
This research paper seeks to happen out about the experience physique of visitants on their visit to a memorial, in this instance, Jantar Mantar. Jantar Mantar is a topographic point of great historical, astronomical, and astrological value and is in being since 1724. It is an Observatory built by Jaipur 's Maharaja Jai Singh Sawai II on the order of the Mughal Emperor, Muhammad Shah to develop a medium to record and roll up all the astronomical informations and future…...
AstronomyEiffel TowerExperienceMoon
Virgin Galactic New Direction in Tourism Requiring Exceptional Leadership
Words • 82
Pages • 1
Virgin Galactic New Direction in Tourism Requiring Exceptional Leadership Chapter 1 Introduction             Space Tourism is a business venture that is so interesting. It is a new experience that will be focused upon by the people interested in it. In this time wherein different countries are discovering new things to improve its economic conditions, some people are trying to develop business endeavors that are novel and interesting. Customers or clients around the world are eager to try the business of…...
BeliefFlightLeadershipTourismТhе Space
The United States at Pearl Harbor according to Sun Tzu
Words • 1468
Pages • 6
The day that lived in infamy did not draw its notoriety from the fact that the Japanese attacked America at Pearl Harbor without declaring war; it was because the dawn attack on Pear Harbor was so successful for the Japanese and consequently so devastating for the Americans. One of the main points of contention was how the United States could have been surprised; this is in view of the fact that even the Japanese themselves were not sure that they…...
Pearl HarborStateSun
Under the Blood Red Sun Character Journal
Words • 275
Pages • 2
Character Journal Billy’s mom I believe if you teach your children well, they will be good as well. At the same time let them know what the bad is, and why they shouldn’t follow it. I can see the Wilsons dislike the Japanese that live here, just like all the fellow Americans. I guess with me working at the hospital I have been able to speak and assist all types of people in need. A particular individual is not bad…...
Tretheway’s “Theories of Space and Time”
Words • 563
Pages • 3
Tretheway’s (2007) poem, “Theories of Space and Time,” is about the past being unapproachable, regardless of how hard one tries to trace the good old routes that brought joy in the good old past. She writes, “You can get there from here, though/ there’s no going home (Tretheway). ” The poet assumes that almost everybody is searching for the joy that was once called home, which is why she refers to “you (Tretheway). ” A home is a place of…...
TheoriesTheoryTimeТhе Space
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Commercial Sector vs Deep Space Exploration

In order to keep up this era of discovery, lower-Earth orbit should be turned over to the commercial sector so that NASA can focus on deep space. In a capitalist society, competition breeds innovation.

The government and NASA do not have enough resources to explore deep space while also maintaining their footholds in the lower-Earth orbit. There is already a growing commercial space industry: SpaceX, Boeing, and Orbital Sciences have already turned their attention to space. As more and more companies follow their example, they will be forced to compete with each other to succeed, and as a result, sending astronauts to space will become faster, easier, and cheaper. With the commercial sector taking over these shorter, simpler missions, NASA can allocate their limited resources to exploration.

Unmanned Discovery vs Using Human Explorers

Although it would be much more cost-effective to have the commercial sector take over lower space exploration, there would need to be regulations and policies put in place. These should be decided by experts such as astronauts and engineers. Before we can send humans into space, we must be assured that it will be safe for them and others. The only way to ensure this is to establish a set of guidelines and regulations that these companies have to follow in order to guarantee the protection of all involved.

The human race has always strived to discover, and this curiosity simply cannot be satisfied if the human part is removed. It is logical to send unmanned spacecraft out first, before it is clear what exactly is out there, but once we have gathered information and data as to what lies in wait, we should send manned spacecraft to explore as well. NASA should focus on trips to Mars and beyond to find whether any could possibly be inhabitable. To truly figure out this vital information, humans need to be a part of the process. The presence of manned space exploration in the United States cannot cease because in order to foster discovery, humans have to be there.

Although at this point in time, it might be easier and cheaper to explore space without manned aircraft, humans eventually have to be reintroduced to the process. Government resources can be used for deeper space exploration while the commercial industry takes over the lower-Earth orbit so that the cost of manned space exploration can be covered. The human race never stops discovering and innovating, and space is no exception.

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Wordsworth compares his infancy to a ‘visible scene on which the sun is shining’
...The fact that Wordsworth's youth was a happy one, and he lived in the midst of nature's beauty is not a coincidence. Perhaps it is that because he lived in such beautiful surrounding that he had a happy youth, after all I think we can agree that Word...
What Drives History?
...Owen gave people a new way to think about how a society could be run fairly, and these ideas changed how people lived, thus driving history. If one views these three individuals, a religious monk, a scientist, and a philosopher, one can determine tha...
What a Star – What a Jerk?
...However, the suggestions failed to spot that the problem is not solely focused on Andy's attitude and personality. Although it is apparent that his attitude is affecting the performance of the group, the core problem and concern of this case is on im...

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