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In Defense of the Kalam Cosmological Argument

In conclusion, Kalam cosmological argument succeeded to explain the three premises, but they failed to provide adequate reasons to support their argument. Kalam first premise was that everything that exists has a source. The second premise was that the earth began to exist. The third kalam premise was that the universe has a source. Kalam cosmological argument violates the p...


Computers available at their disposal, those not meet the so called “standard computerized hospital.” The compound of the Hospital is enticing especially the lawns, building structure and location of the Nursing Training College. Quality food is given to the patients on sick bed with good health care delivery. Marketing of shoes, perfumes, ladies tops etc is done by some staffs, and feeding is...

A Raisin in the Sun

A Raisin in the Sun is a story of the Younger Family dealing with racial problems in Chicago slums. Ten thousand dollars arrives in the mail and Lena has to decide what to do with it. Bennie wants it for tuition money, Walter wants it for down payment for the liqueur store and Ruth just wants everyone to be happy. So there is three major events happening: (1) Lena decides to buy a house in a white...

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Walter Lee from "A Raisin in the Sun"

Walter Lee is a man who is confused in the beginning and believes to some extent that money is everything and has all power. The family supports Walter Lee but at times get mad at him because they don’t understand why money has to be everything. Walter’s dream has been to have money and take care of his family. He finally understands in the end that his family is the most important thing there...

Romeo and Juliet "The Balcony Scene" Worksheet


Descriptive Beach Trip

Everything about it is blissful. It was time to go, I picked up my bag, shook off my blanket and started to walk back towards the car. Started to walk back towards reality and further away from the worlds sweetest escape “At the beach, life is different. A day moves not from hour to hour but leaps from mood to moment. We go with the currents, plan around the tides, follow the sun. We measure hap...

The Relationship between Man and Nature in William Wordsworth’s poems

The houses were not overhung by their cloud of smoke & they were spread out endlessly, yet the sun shone so brightly with such a pure light that there was even something like the purity of one of nature's own grand Spectacles’, this was inspiration for this poem because on a day Wordsworth would have found himself in a different type of setting. He would have found London crowded with people...

Sun Microsystems

Independently of the underlying Sun Microsystems' market value, the goal of both Oracle and IBM is to gain competitive advantage on every bid, making sure they don’t pay more than the synergies created with that acquisition. However, even if the competing bidder appears, Oracle will pay $27,52 per share maximum which is the value of Sun Microsystems' Synergies plus the current price given in the...

Explain Aristotle's understanding of the Prime Mover

Whereas the Prime Mover is the opposite because it is a necessary being but one who does not in any way interact and act in the world. It is a impersonal being. Also the Judeo-Christian God is not completely immaterial. In Genesis 3, God 'walks' in the Garden of Eden and in the New Testament, God becomes man in the human form of Jesus. This belief is known as the incarnation ('God becomes flesh')....

Creation Myth Essay

There are many creation myths other than the creation myth of India and the creation myth Genesis. These two creation myths may be different but they are also the same. The similarities between these two myths is that their Gods are both supreme and they are both benign while the differences between these myths are that the reasons for the creations were different and the way the creations were ac...

Mythological Companies: Gillette Venus

Their catchphrase is “Find the goddess in you.”, urging women to find the confidence in their inner goddess. Gillette Venus works with powerful female celebrities, in their fundraisers and programs. Gillette Venus has it own fund called the 'Venus fund for education', helping young women get into colleges with scholarships. The 'Venus fund for education' works with many celebrities, including...

The World On A Turtle's Back

The cosmic creature became the home for people, lands, and animals who ride on its back because the turtle is the only one who can swim in the ocean. The turtle symbolizes life and interconnection of all living creatures and gods. Turtles were commonly seen as animals in earlier times. When the woman put the dirt on the turtle’s back, when she fell and walked around it in the same way the sun g...

A Trip To Moon by Apollo 1969

Transported by Herblock accomplished its purpose. The cartoon made the audience see how focused they were on that huge event, that was when men first landed on the moon. The world was and still is falling apart, but because the greatest moment of time was happening amidst all the chaos of the world people got distracted by this important event. The famous cartoonist accomplished his purpose on tel...

Reflection on "A Thousand Splendid Suns"

"Real" is definitely not the only feeling I have after reading it, the most overwhelming one must be "hopeful". Hosseini has never intended to depress anyone since the very first beginning when he wrote down the title of book - "A thousand splendid suns". Though the walls may seemed to be ashen and rough, I can still see the thousand splendid suns hide behind the walls. This is exactly the motto, ...

Little Miss Sunshine Family Assessment

When questioning the family, concerns would be whether or not Frank is still at risk of suicide? Has Frank identified the immediate problem that is causing excessive stress? He is suffering from a broken heart and due to that he is losing everything else around him because the man before is overshadowing his family, his goals, and his future. Has Frank identified any strengths that he still has? T...

Different types of play spaces

Gathering constructive feedback from colleagues and parents is important because it allows you to look back on what you have done good and what you could do slightly better next time. You could ask colleagues what you did well or how you could of done it better or do a questionarie with colleagues and parents to find out how you can improve and remember never react badly to constructive feedback b...

Field Marshal Haig: “Hero or Butcher of the Somme”

Although he was a good leader source 22 still contradicts source 19 with its description of the British being “Lion led by Donkeys”. This implies that the British generals were clueless and did not know what they were doing. Source 20 disagrees with this as it writes how “at the end of the war Haig and the others were heroes. The view of them as “donkeys” only appeared later.”This impl...

The Temperature Contrast

Starting in the west, point A, the actual 16°C isotherm dips just below the hypothetical position. This could possibly be due to the Alaskan Current pushing cooler water along the coast. Going inland to North America (NA), the temperature slightly raises to 21°C. The highest temperatures also are found over the continents (Hess, 2014, p 102). The further east you go across NA, the actual 16°C i...

Ap Human Geography Chapter 1 Outline

C.Isotherm: Line on a map connecting points of equal temperature values. D.Possibilism: Geographic viewpoint- a response to determinism- that holds that human decision making, not the environment, is the critical factor in cultural development. E.Cultural Ecology: The multiple interactions and relationships between a culture and the natural environment. F.Political Ecology:An approach to studying...

Cultural Diffusion, Space-Time Compression and the Limitations on Spatial Interaction

In turn, this “lewdness” has led members of society with different sexual orientations to look at the gay community as a negative aspect of modern humanity, impeding spatial interaction between the two. One final concept embedded in the two articles is space-time compression, which is the reduction in the time it takes to diffuse something to a distant place as a result of improved communicati...

Summary Black Men and Public Space

He backs up his claim with sufficient evidence by utilizing logos towards the end of the story when he announces his variation of the cowbell that hikers wear in bear country, which in this case would translate the cowbell to Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons” and the bears to racially discriminant white people of society. He wraps all of this in a controlled manner, a use of pathos, which (he explai...

Descriptive essay day at the beach

The smell of the salty air tickled my nose as I took in a breath of fresh air, taking my own anxiety away on the calming breeze that gently blew past me through the air, making my heart stop for only a brief second. Water splashed everywhere from the children who had flocked to the beach, with the grains of sand so fine, that it could not possibly be seen by the human eye, making those summertime ...

An Evening Walk by the Sea Shore

“The world is too much with us,” in which he mourned the fact that most people had lost the power of appre­ciating the beauty of nature, by giving themselves up to business and worldly pleasure “late and soon, Getting and spending we lay waste our powers.” He ends with this passionate outburst of desire for the old Greek love and reverence for nature. “Great God! I’d rather be A Pagan...

Should Space Exploration Be Continued?

Space exploration will also improve our technology. The great invention such as satellite helps people in many ways. For example, the weather forecasting has “saved lives and help us prepare for the worst hurricanes and dangerous storm.” (“The Largest Benefits” np); The GPS has helped those astray people; also the cell phones and internet that we have used. All these great inventions have ...

Ife, Efe, and Space Matrix of Coca-Cola

(2014), Our Company. Retrieved from http://www.coca-colacompany.com/our-company/ David, F. (2013). Strategic Management A Competitive Advantage Approach. 14th ed Pearson Education, Inc. Fox. (2014). Why you may see your name on a bottle of Coca-Cola. Retrieved from http://www.myfoxorlando.com/story/25742524/why-you-may-see-your-name-on-a-bottle-of-coca-cola Hoistein, W. J. (2011). How Coca-Cola Ma...

Venus of Willendorf: An Annotated Bibliography

Ogborn’s article describes in great detail a list of theories presented by many researchers about the purpose of the Venus of Willendorf. He states that some theories call the figurine a “Mother Goddess” meant to represent the fertility of crops and future society. He cites Margaret Ehrenberg who believes that is false when considering the belief systems of the forager societies “who are c...

Edward taylor and Metaphor

In conclusion, Edward Taylor uses metaphor to perfection.2 To think brillianty and to write brilliantly are two completely different things, and Edward Taylor does both. In both cases, Edward Taylor uses metaphor to call one thing something else. In “Meditation One,” He calls God’s love water, and in “The Reflection,” calls Earth a once Divine place. Ultimately, in “Meditation One,” ...

Critical Summary of the Sunrising by John Donne

He says the sun is old and so it should rest because its duty is to warm the world and since they are the world, the sun has completed its duty. Then, the poet cleverly turns the sun’s refusal to leave into a show of its generosity and by shining at them, it has centered itself upon the room of his love and so they are the sun, the center of the universe. The last part of d poem reveals d poets ...

Paleolithic, Neolithic, and Mesolithic Art

The Stonehenge was created as an astrological observatory. It is known for this because of the rising and setting of the sun on the summer and winter solstice that can be seen through the monument. It was also considered to possibly have been used as an astronomical calendar. The significance of this monument is how these people had the mathematical and astronomy knowledge to build this in a way t...

Water Bottle Rockets

This week, the final testing sessions 1 and 2 ensued. It was wonderful to see all the other groups progression from Week 2 to now, how their rockets have changed and been modified for the better. The first final test, which occurred on Wednesday 12th March for our groups’ rocket had the water level at 300ml, which produced a fairly good launch, but the angles were off balanced, as the rocket wa...

The Beauty of a Sunset

The fact that another may see it carelessly and indifferently makes no difference. It only means that not thus does he perceive God. But, for myself, I know no experience more wholly and deeply religious than when I pass in solitude among deep stream-fed valleys, or over the wide fenland, or through the familiar hamlet, and see the dying day flame and smoulder far down in the west among cloudy pav...

Overview of Black Men and Public Spaces

Black men on public space will continue to experience these situations. We cannot change the way people think and judge. Unfortunately the majority of black men, who are criminals, will continue to give a bad reputation for those that are not. We live in a world where we have to be in high alert to maintain unharmed. There’s no reason for anyone to feel the obligation or need to act a certain wa...

My beach house

We would sit on the rocks till the sun appeared to hide. The shimmer on the water seemed to be singing and dancing to slow music. As the peaceful wind blew i would close my eyes as it sang in my ear, played with my hair and kissed my face. I felt peace, hope and love. Reminiscing on the magical times I spent at the beach house with my family always cause my heart to weep but it was well spent. The...

"Brown girl, brownstones" by Paule Marshall

The text Brown girl, brownstones, is an excellent depiction of women and men in immigrant communities. Most persons generally sympathize with the women of these communities, however this poem has hopefully garnered a positive response to men in these communities, and those shown in the text. This may help persons to recognize that women were not the only ones with problems in the text. The blame f...

Personal space

They can have a good mood to start the new day with the crowded subway, if they're willing to make minor sacrifice on personal space. They’re still very gentle persons even they sit next to someone because the society accept the different mind and adapt to the situation of fast expanded population and less personal space. Foreigners won’t feel the indivisible walls anymore because urban Americ...

The Origin of the Universe

This process continues, and through telescopes we can now see stars forming out of compressed pockets of hydrogen in outer space. In 1992, instruments aboard the Cosmic Background Explorer (COBE) satellite showed that 99.97 percent of the energy of the universe was released within the first year of its origin. This evidence seems to confirm the Big Bang theory, which holds that the universe origin...

FAQ about Space

Tomorrow When the War Began Jhn Marsen - Change Theme

...Had I killed out of | love of my friends, family and for the land? Or had I killed because I valued my life above that of others?” Marsden compared and used the rhetorical questions to lead the reader into questioning him or herself, what would I ...

How Can We Help Promote tourism in Malaysia

...There are also five-star hotels in these places where visitors could enjoy their stay there. Kuala Lumpur the capital city is the ideal place to shop because it promises variety , value and convenience all in one place. Malaysian items like pewter an ...

Why Summer is my Favorite Season

...When I go on these beach trips it will be for a weekend and I will cherish every moment I have down there. Summer to me is being able to get out and do more things together with my family that I don’t get to do when its cold outside because most of ...

Why the U.S. Government Should Continue to Fund NASA

...Commercialization will only do such. It is of utter importance that we continue to fund NASA, for the betterment of science, exploration, and life. Supporting NASA is supporting our future and that is far more important than making money or entertain ...

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