Study of The Geology and Magnetism of The Planet

A joint mission from the ESA and JAXA will launch two spacecraft to Mercury together to study the geology and magnetism of the planet to search for clues to our solar system’s beginnings.  State your central knowledge question (this must be expressed as a question) How are experimentation and scientific evidence used to formulate explanations that serve as shared knowledge?  Explain the connection between your real life situation and your knowledge question This RLS shows a specific example of how science and scientific reasoning impacts the development of shared knowledge.

Scientists conduct experiments, such as space missions, to collect data in support of theories, which will serve as shared knowledge about the universe.

By using this knowledge question, we can formulate more educated opinions and shared knowledge. Outline how you intend to develop your presentation, with respect to perspectives, subsidiary knowledge questions, arguments, etc. Responses below can be presented in continuous prose or as bullet points claim: experimentation and scientific evidence are used as concrete evidence and explanations that justify shared knowledge.

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Evidence: A joint mission from the ESA and JAXA will launch two spacecraft to Mercury together to study the geology and magnetism of the planet to search for clues to our solar system’s beginnings. Perspective: a NASA scientist values factual concrete data and facts when creating shared knowledge. They value academic and scholarly principles when approaching new concepts.

They are more reluctant to accept shared knowledge that is not supported by results from the scientific method. Counterclaim: culture and indigenous knowledge systems, along with faith are more valuable in formulating explanations that serve as shared knowledge.

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Evidence: The North American Dakota tribe uses the term Wakan Tanka to describe deities in their religion. They seem to have developed a complex belief system, ranking the universe in a hierarchy, beginning with the Sun, and ending with the buffalo and bear. This religion also outlines traditions, such as mentorship of boys with priests and tattooing. Perspective: An indigenous tribe leader would claim that traditional tribe culture and indigenous knowledge systems are more justified explanations for shared knowledge, as they have existed in their society for thousands of years.

Evidence: In the 14th century, the Mayan people of South America developed a highly complex and accurate calendar based on their own scientific research and methodology. They also were able to make large advancements in math developing the concept of zero. Perspective: A modern historian sees the Mayan culture in hindsight, and the science used in indigenous knowledge systems such as that of the Mayans. The Mayans created an advanced calendar based off of astronomic research, proving to be immensely accurate in solar predictions. Show the significance of your conclusions with particular reference to your real-life situation and indicate how those conclusions might be relevant to other real-life situations.

Westernized humans tend to refer to rationalism and scientific theories to support their specific beliefs and claims about the modern world. The use of concrete evidence and scientific data solidifies claims that people would otherwise be skeptical to accept as truth. Additionally, this argument applies to real life because everyday people come across new ideas and theories, just like the scientists who are studying the geology of Mercury to discover new observations about the universe, and they would want to follow theories and ideas that are factual, rather than nonfactual or unbelievable. This allows for new and justified interpretations and conclusions to be made about the world.

Updated: Jan 02, 2022
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