How Carpooling Can Be a Boom For Our Planet

It’s happening all around us, we are all aware of us, we wish to do something about it and yet we fail to contribute even 1 percent. Pollution- it is a global phenomenon that is engulfing our natural resources day by day. It has deepened its roots at such a large scale that it is now affecting our personal lifestyles.

For instance, take the case of odd and even numbers traffic system in Delhi, one of the most heavily populated cities of the world.

Or you can peek into the prevention of plastic recycling by China that has to lead to the banning of this non-biodegradable material in a city like Dehradun. If that is not enough, we can simply take a look at our rivers and how monuments like Taj Mahal are becoming aesthetically unpleasing day by day.

Traffic remains a major reason for the increase in pollution and to solve this particular crisis, companies have come up with a new environment-friendly technique that helps reduce traffic while saving fuel.

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The app named Wiish is doing its bits and doing it quite smartly in teaching everyone how to reduce traffic and pollution by carpooling.

Carpooling can be done in many ways. While it can be used by professional drivers to pick up more than one person at a time, it can also be utilized by a group to travel daily. These are good options, but Wiish has created something that works in a three-way favorable manner. The carpooling benefits the private vehicle owners as they receive a fare, it favors the commuters as they can save money and most importantly it favors our environment as fewer vehicles will be used.

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Wiish Carpooling is in a true sense, a blessing for our planet. Carpooling is a process that does not involve re-routing as the owner travels on his regular route and picks up commuters along the way. This way, no additional fuel is being consumed. Hence, carpooling is saving petrol and diesel that will eventually run out in our nearing future. But most importantly it helps reduce the emission of pollutants that are produced by burning these resources.

Have you ever seen cars with a single person driving it in a traffic jam while coming from your office? If yes, you would know what is happening to our environment.

A medium car emits around 1.1 pounds of carbon dioxide every mile while a small car emits as much as 0.59 pounds of CO2 every mile. With Wiish carpooling, this habit can be changed in Delhi and NCR region.

Another benefit of carpooling is that it splits the cost of expenses for many commuters. A fare is divided and hence, becomes low. You can travel miles by simply spending a few bucks. Also, carpooling brings about new relationships where you converse with strangers and commuters alike.

Carpooling by Wiish is a newly emerging method that is, if not quickly, steadily changing our courses from private automobiles to carpooling vehicles. If every one of us takes a pledge to get involved with carpooling, we can contribute to a safer and cleaner environment. If you have ever thought of giving back to the environment, Wiish carpooling is the right choice and the time is now.

Updated: Feb 26, 2024
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