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Invented in China
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China is unlike any other country; winning a trip to China would be a dream come true! China is known for several years of their creative and useful inventions. Along with the many useful inventions, China was known for the first recorded observation of comets and solar eclipses. China has been creative for with their contributions to the world. China created useful inventions such as toilet paper, bristle tooth brushes, paper, printing, gun powder, and the compass. (China’s Science and…...
Star Gazing and Solar Viewing
Words • 970
Pages • 4
Introduction Education is universally recognized as one of the most fundamental building blocks for human development and poverty reduction. When given the opportunity to learn, people are empowered to contribute fully to the development of their lives, their communities, and their countries. Its impact on the economy, manpower and progress of any country cannot be underestimated. This must be the reason why countries are resolved to provide the most appropriate and responsive education for their people. With this regard about…...
CometsEarthSolar SystemSpaceUniverse
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Pages • 5
A comet is a small body, roughly the size of a small town, in the Solar System. It is made up of ice, rock, dust, carbon dioxide, ammonia, methane and more. Some researchers think comets might have originally brought some of the water and organic molecules to Earth that now make up life here. Comets become visible as they near the Sun. The tail of a comet is its most characteristic feature. Round and round a comet goes in its…...
CometsSolar SystemSun
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Same Artist, Different Pictures
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Pages • 3
The way artists can look at a scene in numerous various lights is really similar to what Earle Birney did when he wrote "January Morning/Downtown Vancouver" and "Vancouver Lights". An artist can paint a picture of a given setting and then return and paint a totally different painting of the same topic. The 2 poems share similarities however where the description of "January Morning/Downtown Vancouver" ends, the style for "Vancouver Lights" begins. The two poems based on the very same…...
Adavantages and disadvantages of space tourism
Words • 428
Pages • 2
Tourism is a worldwide popular trend .people love exploring different places by going to destinations which are alien to them. Their are various forms of tourism like ecotourism, cultural tourism, medical tourism ete.. Recently, a new type of tourism was added to list. Namely space tourism. It is just as the name suggest going to space for various purposes like leisure, business ete.. today in this article I will look at the pros and cons of space tourism. One of…...
Failure of Comet
Words • 285
Pages • 2
In the first part of this report, the writers focused on the process to undertake risk management, which including risk identification, analysis of probability and consequences, risk mitigation strategy and finally control and document. Subsequently, the writers did the analysis and hypothesis on how can risk management be helpful if De Havilland Company undertook risk management during the process of Comet project. While in the second part, the writers discussed different types of risk that related to the Comet project,…...
CometsFailureRiskRisk Management
Geology Study Guide
Words • 3460
Pages • 14
Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question. 1) What are the basic differences between the disciplines of physical and historical geology?|1)| A)physical geology is the study of fossils and sequences of rock strata; historical geology is the study of how rocks and minerals were used in the past B)physical geology involves the study of rock strata, fossils, and deposition in relation to plate movements in the geologic past; historical geology charts how and where…...
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