Soft Skills of Project Management

Motivation, what we know is the reason or reason for doing something. When on finishing the work of the project on time, the first thing what you need is self-motivation then comes team motivation, Motive itself means desires or wants with the people. Many educators and psychological people have been studying motivation over a century. Motivations have been studied in different angles including from physiological, behavioral humanistic perspectives. From the references, the cognitive theories of motivation include intrinsic motivation, goal theory, achievement motive, attribution theory, and social cognitive theory.

Their affect achievement and learning will be discussed as well. In the subject, the good project manager should know how to motivate the team wand the excitement he must show when starting a project and use it to maintain motivation – leading to the success throughout the project life cycle.

They need excellent skills in managing the complex human elements that have the potential to bring any project down. Motivation theory and how it works Most people who have been in the project management field have heard the key management theories about motivation there is a difference between intrinsic (like values and beliefs) and extrinsic (like money and recognition) motivation.

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Intrinsic motivation refers to the behavior that is driven by internal rewards, namely motivation to engage in a behavior arises from within the person itself because it is naturally satisfying to you. Example: starting your business and participating in a competition. The extrinsic motion is a nice way of describing when you do things many to receive a reward or incentives.

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Different people value different things like fame, fortune, power, and love. We come across numerous challenges in life, we easily get motivated but in practice, it’s more challenging, in the workplace different people have different challenges as they are the employees of the organization with various needs and expectations.

To maintain the motivation in the company the team should be given difficult challenges, but it can be achieved. The motivation of employees becomes more challenging when they are changing their jobs or get assigned to the different projects. According to the references, the thing which motivates people to work for the project by setting the goals like how we can handle the projects and the objectives which is relating to the organization and it’s their priorities. Self-motivation can be done by talking to someone who can boost your energy and make you go back to the track, talk with the expertise and give you advice how to overcome the challenges you are facing or anyone whom you can share your ideas. The following points are important for our self-motivation. Communicate and talk to get motivated, remain optimistic, discover your interest area, Self-acknowledgement Uplifting energy level, encourage learning, Break your bigger goals into smaller goals Being talking to your close friends who can help you in getting out of your comfort zone, being curious, socializing, reading and writing helps in being self-motivated all the time.

Communication is verbal, non/verbal, written, formal/informal and visual communication. Verbal communication is important in everyday life. It plays a vital role in everybody’s life. Interpersonal, personal and negotiation are the skills of communication Interpersonal communication can also be called as face to face communication verbal and nonverbal communication it all depends on how people understand you the way you communicate. Verbal impersonal communication is very important in project management aspects as deals with the company’s projects which show the company standards to the clients when getting a project related to the company or the project in assigning to your team member you must make sure you are verbally good at it. The research says that the service sector has shifted jobs in the past decades because of interpersonal communication skills in the workplace, with this the blue-collar workplaces have increased the manufacturing technologies. Because communication plays an important role in maintaining relationships with coworkers and customers.

There are a lot of researchers and doctors who characterized the common workplace communication skills for disorders associated with traumatic brain surgery as a qualitative study, almost 40% of the persons with severe traumatic brain surgery who return to work suffer from remembering the work history and the remaining 60 % of the people remain to interpersonal communication skills (social communication). According to the references, the survey was conducted by the London-based community mental health teams the patients with the same (severe mental illness) motivation helps them in tackling social isolation and help in befriending and motivates them in getting back in the social life and spending a quality life. Communication plays an important role in project management; Communication also helps in building a great relationship with coworkers and transparency and motivate the team in bringing up great ideas for the project to work on so that everybody is on the same page. Ineffective communication brings poor decision making, work place conflicts, and long wait time increases the stress in the team. Communication also helps in cultural aspects. It is within the countries in building healthy relations with their neighboring countries and doing business within the countries.

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