Sociology FSU Essay

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Sociology FSU

Subculture is a segment of society that shares distinctive patterns of mores, folkways, and values that differs from the larger society. An organization named FSU is a good example of subculture because although they have their own rules and laws bu still considers it their responsibility to keep the society safe from the unfair. FSU stands for Friends Stand United. It is an organization in which a member has to think about other members before himself. FSU members protect each other and can go against anyone who messes with them .

There are some facts that makes them distinguish from the rest of the society. FSU group members are allowed to drink but wouldn’t prefer the society to drink or use drugs. They considers it to be wrong and bad for the society and does stop it right away . As one of the FSU member Joe Hardcore believes that the society is so bad due to the drugs, alcohol, and cigarets and the FSU group should protect the young kids from this drug dealing. Another fact that concludes the FSU organization as subculture is their violence. FSU members consider the violence as the way to express their feelings .

For them the violence is the opposite of the weakness. If they would see anyone fighting , they would jump in and beat everyone badly . The incident that happened in 2005 at Albany strongly shows how FSU member doesn’t leave the person who dares to hurt them or someone from the group. Once a boy named Brian Carlo was fighting with some gang and got mad and started punching everyone and by chance hit the girlfriend of an FSU member . FSU member in return jumped in and started hitting him and his brother . They beat them up so badly that Mathew Carl ended up in hospital, and passed away.

FSU never let the society to lad towards the violence but they were violent themselves. The last and most important fact about FSU members is that they are extremely against unfairness and people moving on to the wrong way. This is what happen the one of the FSU founding member, Elgin James. He went to the college in Boston for the civil rights studies. One night he got beaten upon street for no apparent reason so gang beat him up so badly that next day he was found in hospital. He had a brain damage. Since, that day he decided not to got o college any more. Instead, he ended on the street.

He was treated unfair and let himself to wrong way. He decided not to let same thing happened again to any one in the society. For that purpose he decided to make an organization that would control the society and treat them with justice. As a conclusion it can be stated that FSU which stands for friends stand united, have their own style, rules, and laws. They are distinguish from the rest of the society and the culture. But, they intend to reform the society with their laws. They protect each other, stands for each other and devote themselves to fight foe each other like brothers.

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