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Social responsibility Essay Examples

Environmental protection and the social responsibility of firms: perspectives from law, economics, and business

Responsible businessIntroductionResponsible business concerns itself with allowing and ensuring the application of social and moral principles in business decision making. Through the definitions, the following principles of responsible business can be drawn: Business for profit: When people engage in business, they are expecting to receive profit. The first principle of responsible business lies in the…

Corporate Social Responsibility, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation

A framework refers to a basic conceptional structure of something, a set of facts or ideas that provides the necessary support for something (Steinberg 2009). On the other hand, a learning framework is a programmed academic work that is needed for the Co-operation education completion (Fisher 2008). The framework helps in planning on how objectives…

Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility

The United States has several laws that are intended to further fair, balanced, and competitive practices. I do feel that these laws are effective in many ways. Some of those ways I will pin point in the next few paragraphs. These laws include some major concepts of law. Some of these major concepts include torts,…



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Corporate social responsibility (CSR, also called corporate conscience, corporate citizenship, social performance, or sustainable responsible business/ Responsible Business) is a form of corporate self-regulation integrated into a business model. CSR policy functions as a built-in, self-regulating mechanism whereby a business monitors and ensures its active compliance with the spirit of the law, ethical standards, and international…

Critical analysis of marketing ethics- corporate social responsibility

Introduction Ethical conduct of marketing activities is essential for any serious business in the current globalized business environment. The issue of corporate social responsibility has been a challenge to many managers and will continue to do so in case proper mechanisms and policies are not put in place and implemented. The report gives an analysis…

Case study in marketing

By the end of your reading, you should be able to answer the following questions: 1. What do you understand by the term Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)? 2. Explain two actions that Amway and its IBOs are currently taking that involve CSR. 3. Analyse the key ingredients in Amway’s CSR strategy. Show how the strategy…

Social responsibility

Introduction Starbucks Coffee Corporation is a world renowned Fortune 500 company headquarter in Seattle, Washington USA. It was founded in 1971 with the sole mission to bring the unique Italian coffee experience to the masses. Its CEO Howard Shultz has successfully created a company brand where customers identify its coffee to a distinctive and premium…

J.C. Penney: Creating America’s Favorite Store

INTRODUCTION: In 2013, this department store has been celebrating being in business for 110 years. It also once lured its customers in with its famous discount pricing strategy and coupons. The retailer is J.C. Penney, a fixture at shopping malls across the country. In 2012, J.C. Penney rebranded itself by making the announcement that it…

Social Responsibility

Economy is a main component is of having a healthy society not suffering from unemployment and inflation. How is it possible to have social responsible executives acting as agents and not as political officials? (Freidman, 1970). •The role of the government is to set a balance between the legislative, executive and judicial branches. Thus, there…

Company Q Social Responsibility

Company Q Social Responsibility Social responsibility is often viewed as an inconvenience that cuts into shareholder profits. An organization that with this outlook on social responsibility is missing a significant opportunity to improve public perception and drive profits. This is clearly the view of company Q. When twice presented with the opportunity to create both…

Trend of Corporate Social Responsibility (Csr) in Uk.

Introduction In global markets, modern corporates have significant power to exercise a positive influence in the countries, where they buy goods and services from global suppliers in bulk. Recognising this influence is the first step to understand the contribution of the modern corporates in developing countries’ economies and in turn their self-benefit. As being giant…

Corporate social responsibility

In the second module, Organizational culture was discussed. It is said that culture is corporate personality. Culture includes the underlying values, beliefs and norms which govern the behavior of people as members of an organization. I have learned that it so important in an organization for it influences success of people in organizations and it…

Corporate social responsibility in Nordstorm

From the case study and the e-Activity, determine two (2) key reasons why people value the customer service that Nordstrom provides. Examine Nordstrom’s current corporate social responsibility activities, and suggest one (1) additional action that the company could take to further strengthen its corporate social responsibility efforts. Two reasons why people value the customer service…

The Social Responsibility of Journalism

The following research paper studies the role of journalism in mass madia nowadays and whether the same media holds it social responsibility in the face if its audience or not. Journalists take an important role in the life of all people. I dare say that journalism is one of the oldest and most important professions….

Corporate Social Responsibility

Today doing business is no longer a matter of creating the best products or making the most profit, it has developed to a matter of how? Due to scandals including child labour, poor working conditions and neglect of safety and health regulations, companies worldwide have been forced to revaluate their moral and ethical standards. Consumers…

The Top 19 Topics on Social Responsibility

A list of good essay topics for college students includes the topics that require a lot of discussion. Nowadays popular are topics of family relations between men and women, pregnancy, education, friendship and business. The theme of fashion, which is constantly changing, add new ideas for analysis. Health topics also take their place. Disease treatment, disease prevention, proper and healthy eating, diets are all very popular among search queries, and they are usually followed with argumentative essay examples.

A special place is devoted to social-responsibility essays, as the term social "responsibility" is quite diverse. Its existence is conditioned by the state's policy, and reflects its interaction with society. It is impossible to live in a society and be free from the state and its laws. Below, you can see the list of persuasive essay topics, that will make your paper interesting:

  1. The center for urban research and learning.
  2. Social problems and social solutions.
  3. Teens base much of their self-acceptance on who their friends are and how they are accepted, and it can be extremely painful to watch when your child’s social life isn’t going well.
  4. Neglecting the requirements of environmental protection.
  5. Violation of workers' rights and lower wages.
  6. The gap between rich and poor countries and within traditionally more equal countries has been rising.
  7. Commercial bribery as a social issue that undermines honest competition, violates trade order, distorts market signals and rational resource allocation, impedes the normal functioning of a market mechanism, and harms the interests of consumers.
  8. Strategic directions of social responsibility development.
  9. Evaluating the effectiveness of corporate social responsibility.
  10. Levels and indicators of social responsibility of business.
  11. External and internal factors of social responsibility development.
  12. During the teen years, children begin to explore their personal identities.
  13. There are pronounced changes in what friendships mean to children as they go through the teen years.
  14. Activation of the activities of enterprises for the development of socially responsible business.
  15. Creating your own “home page” allows people to express themselves and discuss their interests.
  16. Socially responsible behavior of the main subjects of society - state and local authorities, corporate structures, public organizations, citizens as a guarantee of sustainable economic and social development, improvement of quality of life, improvement of industrial relations.
  17. The Internet has significantly changed the way our society connects with one another, does business, and socializes.
  18. Educational development.
  19. Technology is evolving faster than ever before.

We hope that this article will help you to chose the most suitable topic for you, as there is nothing as attractive in the research paper, as a strong theme. As experience shows, the choice of the topic of scientific research is a very important and crucial stage in scientific activity. After all, the success of good analysis largely depends on how correctly, carefully the topic is selected and formulated. In order to do this, the researcher, and in our case the students, should be well oriented in concepts of object, subject, and problem of the research.


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