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Writing composition can include all different types of skills and strategies. Writing can be different for everyone; there are many different strategies that can be used when writing which is why there are so many ways to improve one’s writing. In my opinion there are always new techniques to learn and knowledge to develop when it comes to the topic of composition. From my own experience I believe that learning how to successfully write helped expand my mind in creativity and even help gain stronger knowledge of how to effectively analyze and interpret text.

I began to get very interesting in writing in my sophomore year of high school when I was enrolled in AP English. I used to dread going to English class; not because I hated writing but because I found myself struggling frequently to understand it. When composing an essay I felt that I did not understand the many elements or strategies that are necessary to use when trying to write a successful essay.

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I also used to find myself struggling when trying to explain my argument or providing supportive details to my ideas or information that I was providing throughout my essays. I began to practice my writing routinely as I would have many writing assignments that involved identifying different writing strategies and then finding ways to apply them to my own writing.

As I was looking for ways to improve my writing I began to study the connection of my message and audience that I should be targeting.

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Once I began to connect my writing with the proper audience I found myself able to stay on topic a lot more throughout my writing. I used to get off topic in my writing because I never realized who exactly I was trying to prove my point to, however once I understood the importance of reader-writer connection I found myself becoming a lot more proficient in my writing. In Shelley Reid’s Ten Ways to Think About writing: Metaphoric Musings for College Writing Students she provides many strategies that are important to consult when writing. One of these strategies being to tie the target audience in with the writer’s message when she states “You can do a simple thought-experiment to prove them, and to yourself, that you already fully understand that when the audience changes, your message has to change, sometimes drastically.”( Reid 9) I found this very helpful because this is one very important strategy to help writers stay on topic and stay direct when explaining their message.

Another strategy that helped me develop a deeper connection between reading and writing was when I was taught to become familiar with the various types of writing skills. I would find myself constantly asking questions after I identified what category the text I was reading would fall into. Questions such as “How does this type of text differ from others?” and “What techniques can help persuade the reader better?” helped me become more familiar with how writers use certain types of writing to enhance their message better. I also had a very hard time connecting my thesis statement to the various paragraphs that I would write during an essay. When rereading my essays I would find a lot of mistakes and confusing sentences because I would often get off topic and have a hard time connecting my ideas or examples to my main argument. I have been improving on this struggle as I began to concentrate more on why I was writing a certain essay and what I wanted to persuade the readers to think. By doing this I would begin to build sentences based off of what exactly I was arguing, making it a lot easier to connect my examples with my thesis.

Composition can be viewed in many ways depending on the type of person viewing it. There are many strategies and styles of writing that I believe are important to become familiar with because being able to identify and understand these strategies helped me discover my own style of writing and made it a lot easier for me to make my point clear in my own text. Although I still find myself making mistakes in writing or having a hard time putting pieces together to create a strong argument I believe that it is a learning process that overall made me a better writer today than I was two years ago.

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