Understanding Every Child: A Lesson from "Every Child Is Special"

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Every child is unique, possessing an individual personality and dreams that shape their aspirations. Unfortunately, our society often lacks the stability, patience, and understanding necessary to comprehend and nurture these dreams. This essay explores the poignant narrative of "Every Child Is Special," focusing on the character Ishaan Awasthi and his journey to self-discovery amid societal misjudgments.

The Unseen Talents of Ishaan Awasthi

In the film, Ishaan Awasthi emerges as a gifted child with a remarkable ability to think outside the conventional boundaries.

His true passion lies in painting, a medium through which he expresses his creativity with unmatched fervor. However, Ishaan's teachers fail to recognize his talents, dismissing him as a mischievous and naughty boy. Even his parents, unable to decipher the complexities of their son's mind, label him with derogatory terms such as "idiot," "duffer," "lazy," and "crazy."

The root of Ishaan's struggles appears to stem from a misalignment with the rigid expectations and constraints of the traditional school system.

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This becomes evident when, after a punishment that involves standing in the hallway, Ishaan escapes to the streets, reveling in the vibrant sights of India. His hyperactivity and aversion to conforming make it challenging for his parents to seek a diagnosis, as he rarely sits still long enough for a proper evaluation.

The Boarding School Conundrum

Realizing that Ishaan faces expulsion from his current school, his parents make the difficult decision to enroll him in a boarding school. Unfortunately, this change exacerbates Ishaan's challenges, subjecting him to stricter teachers and further crushing his self-confidence.

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The once-vibrant child becomes enveloped in depression, shutting himself off from the world. His silence is a poignant testament to the failure of those around him to understand and address his unique needs.

It is in this despondency that Ishaan encounters Ram Shankar Nikumbh, the temporary art teacher whose empathetic nature and unconventional teaching methods bring a glimmer of hope to Ishaan's life. Ram, recognizing himself in Ishaan, persists in understanding the root of the child's struggles. Through careful observation and consultation with Ishaan's parents, Ram unveils the truth— Ishaan has dyslexia, a condition hindering his ability to recognize letters and numbers.

Ram Shankar Nikumbh: A Beacon of Understanding

Ram's commitment to Ishaan's well-being is exemplified by his determination to help the young boy overcome his challenges. Drawing a poignant parallel with a cultural anecdote, Ram shares that in the Solomon Islands, villagers don't cut down a tree to clear land; instead, they curse and hurl abuses, causing the tree to wither and die. This metaphor underscores the impact of negative judgments on a child's spirit.

Empowered with this knowledge, Ram embarks on a journey to rebuild Ishaan's confidence. He introduces innovative teaching methods, making learning an enjoyable experience. Ram's approach involves personalized attention, confidence-building exercises, and the integration of games into educational lessons. By acknowledging Ishaan's unique learning style and tailoring his teaching to accommodate it, Ram manages to unlock the child's potential.

Gradually, Ishaan's academic performance improves. His struggles with reading, writing, and math lessen, showcasing the effectiveness of employing diverse teaching methods. Ram's philosophy emphasizes the importance of recognizing and respecting each student's unique talents and learning preferences. Education, according to Ram, should be a liberating experience, allowing students to imagine and learn in their distinct ways.

Lessons Learned and Future Implications

The film serves as a poignant reminder of the profound impact that understanding, patience, and love can have on a child facing learning challenges. The heart-wrenching realization that those closest to Ishaan initially failed to comprehend his struggles is a testament to the societal need for greater awareness and empathy towards diverse learning styles.

It is essential to recognize that parents, driven by the desire for their child's success, may inadvertently contribute to the pressure and judgment that hinder a child's growth. The film portrays Ishaan's parents as well-intentioned but misguided, highlighting the need for parental education and support in understanding and embracing their child's uniqueness.

The theory of multiple intelligences, as introduced by Howard Gardner, becomes a guiding principle in the narrative. Educators and parents alike should be informed about this theory, which emphasizes the existence of diverse forms of intelligence beyond traditional measures. By acknowledging and nurturing these various intelligences, a more inclusive and effective educational environment can be created.

In conclusion, "Every Child Is Special" offers a powerful narrative that resonates with anyone who has faced challenges in understanding and meeting societal expectations. Ishaan Awasthi's journey from misunderstood outcast to a blossoming individual underscores the importance of empathy, patience, and tailored educational approaches. The film encourages a shift in our collective perspective, urging us to embrace the uniqueness of every child and provide the support needed for their individual success.

Updated: Jan 02, 2024
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Understanding Every Child: A Lesson from "Every Child Is Special" essay
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