Should Parents Be Held Responsible For Their Children's Crimes

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Juvenile delinquency is a word made from an act where youngsters perform crime and moreover it is the act of minors taking part in unlawful behavior. In the contemporary era, minors do not follow the rules and regulations. They are engaged in performing unauthorized activities such as drinking, meaningful destruction, also possession, and are usually addicted to drugs. But then some young individuals commit much bigger crimes – felonies such as smashing and entering into a house, grand theft auto, even murder and rape.

Now a days, adolescents tend to break the law more as compared to children of all ages. And unfortunately, these crimes have severe lifelong consequences. While we often make mistake to think that minors are simply making mistakes, while they are being rational and moreover they know what they are doing. So should parents be held responsible for their children's crimes?

To begin with,if child is committing any type of crime and gets caught for it, he should be punished not their parents should be held responsible for this.

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They know the difference between right and wrong. It has nothing to do with their parents – unless the parents are condoning, encouraging or taking part in the crime; then, and only then, parents should be held responsible for their children’s crimes. It is rarely the parent’s fault, even if they do teach their children right from wrong. This is no reflection of one’s upbringing, it’s just how one person view right from wrong. Some may argue how a child’s sense of right and wrong derives from the way their parents raised them – which is true; however, for instance, even if parents taught their children not to steal, a child can still steal a piece of jewellery from a friend.

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This has nothing to do with the parent, only the child, or teen, committing the crime. If the child commits the crime, they should be at fault and charged appropriately. If one’s child commits the crime, unless the parent directly took part in the illegal activity associated with their child, the parent should without a doubt never be held responsible – not morally, emotionally or legally – for this crime. Unless the parent assisted in helping the child commit the crime –underage drinking drug usage, for instance – the parents should be not be held responsible for child’s mistakes. If a kid gets in trouble, it’s easy to blame the parents, attribute the mishap to how they were raised, the kind of family they were born to. But that is what is wrong with this country: no one takes responsibility for their own actions, especially if they’re minors. It’s a major problem. This way, people become adults never being accountable for anything – they just blame it on someone else. Because a person gets a pretty rough reality check as an adult when they are faced with legal charges for committing a crime. At that point, their parents surely aren’t even in the picture. Only the child/teen should get penalized for committing and crime.

Moving further, there are two views that parents from separated or divorced families cannot act responsibly, and second, that doing 'the right thing', necessarily equates with positive family values. A parent may play a very pivotal role in the lives of their children, yet still has a horrible marriage or be mentally or physically abusive to the children. A parent who is not married to a child’s other parent may still play an active and valuable role in the life of the child they conceived, even are more likely to make sure their children are supervised and well cared for. Children are less likely to engage Legal requirements for parental action, particularly those that include sanctions for non-action provide an incentive for parents to act in a responsible fashion. If parents believe they will be held liable for their inaction, or the inappropriate actions of their children, they will be more concerned about children peer groups. Decades of legal experience in countries that order child support from separated or divorced parents have demonstrated that parents who want to sever ties (financial or otherwise) can do so, either by defaulting on payments or hiding from the law. These laws may even have a reverse effect by fostering resentment toward the child or other parent on the part of the parent compelled to provide support. Child support orders may also harm any subsequent children an estranged parent may have by impoverishing a second family in favor of the first.

Moreover, Children are children. Sometimes they are a bit crazier than we would like, but disrespectful or disobedient behavior is never acceptable. If the parents are polite and humble, chances are, their children will also be. If the parents are demanding and rude, their children will pick up on their bad behavior. Parents are 100% responsible for how their children act because they don't get it at. Furthermore, because parents have an impact on how their kids grow up. If the kid is being bad and breaking the law it’s most likely because of their home life. Parents are big, crucial and pivotal parts of our lives and almost become mini versions of them and so if you have bad parents chances are you are going to be a bad kid and you are going to cause problems. Parents should be responsible for what their kids do because they are the ones who raise them and they are the ones who tell them what is wrong and right and if they get in trouble for something they did the parents would be involved because they taught them what is wrong. Because some parent's don't even care of their children health and behavior .Many children are affected by this coincident and need guidance about this incident. Some parents think their job is more important than their children behavior.99%of parent's doesn’t care about their children behavior and this might lead to disrespect of adults. As a matter of fact, the causes at the core of juvenile delinquency, abusive families, and child neglect are not necessarily the kind of problems that can be solved by the leverage of criminal or civil sanctions. In instances where parents are absent or neglectful, deep social problems are often the cause. Problems such as alcoholism, poverty, poor education, poor health care, and family histories of abuse can lock a family into a cycle of problems that continue to perpetuate behaviors others might view as irresponsible. There is a danger that the proposed sanctions will make families trapped in such problems afraid to seek help from social services for fear of punishment.

Majority of the reasons are there because of which children are indulged in bad things out of which most important is that their parents are not there to correct their mistakes which Leads to kids doing things they shouldn’t be If a parent knows their child under 18 committed a crime or is about to commit a crime, and do not control their child, then they should be held responsible. I also realize that not all children take their parents seriously, and some children won't respond to discipline, so if the parent did what they reasonable could, but the child doesn't listen, then the parents should not be responsible. another big mistake of the parents are giving freedom to use technological gadget on their own without guiding them to which site they should visit which they should not. As parents are workaholiks, they are busy with their own work. This mistake is made too many times, and then kids are being exposed to garbage in the internet. Plus, It is not like the kids are going to pay bills for their crimes so who is, the parents because they are responsible for their child's action and choices. There for Parents should be fined for their children's crimes parents they seek to rebel against, and second, that their parents will be held response. Children prone to engage in acts of serious juvenile delinquency are rarely interested in the feelings of or effects on parents. In fact, the worst juvenile delinquents are probably more likely to act out if they believe, first, that the action will result in harm to Parents should be fined for their children's crimes parents they seek to rebel against, and second, that their parents will be held responsible in place of them.

To summarize, I assert that we all learn from mistakes whether they are teenagers or adolescents or elderly, some commit heinous crime for which there should be retributive justice on the other hand some commit offence for which the individual can be fined. Adolescents know the difference between right and wrong consequently for their heinous crimes their innocent parents should not be fined. Only the criminal should be answerable and fined for their crime.

Updated: Feb 02, 2024
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