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Short Story and Bound Man

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 3 (613 words)
Categories: Short Story
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The narrative, “The Bound Guy” by Ilse Aichinger is written in a way in which there is more then one theme. In this specific piece, the overal style that is most obvious and most exposed is self-acceptance.

Self-aceptance is revealed in various parts of this story. The “Bound Man”, showed an excellent offer of strengh and hope that permitted one character to experience. The author enabled this character to share his experiences so that while reading this, we might picture what it would resemble to be bound.

The character in this story needed to discover to deal with the truth that he was one day bound, and then realizing that it was something that he had to learn to deal with. At initially, the bound man had some difficuties, where he was unable to deal with things as quickly as they appeared to be when he was not bound by a rope. The Bound guy had had problem with things that he would have liked to do, but as much as he tried and hoped he had actually of achieved, he recognized that it was something that he was going to have to work around.

It was the bound man’s strength and abilities that got him through the toughtest of days. Despite the fact that the male had actually understood that he was bound, he still managed to be fearless and tried to do anything that he could possibly do to get where he wished to go, and do things that he wished to do. “He revealed no indication of fear or hurry, though he believed he was not able to move, up until he found that the rope permitted his legs some free play which round his body it was almost loose” (pg.487).

The bound male handled lots of situations that led him to believe that being bound by a rope was not as tough as it appeared to be at the start. As much as he was worn out or as lots of times as he fell or collapsed, the bound male never appeared to quit, which allowed him to do the important things he wished to no matter how difficult it appeared. “His opportunities all lay in the amount of totally free play enabled him by the rope. He dug his elbows into the ground and checked it. As quickly as the rope tautened he stopped, and attempted once again more very carefully” (pg.488).

The bound man was fully aware of nature and the society which surrounded him. After being tied up in a rope for so long, society and the environment around him also learned to accept him, which made it easier for him to accept himself as a bound man. As the bound man made his journey’s village to village, the people he would pass along the way, were so amused of what they saw. “The bound man became an enormous draw. His absurd steps and little jumps, his elementary exercises in movement, made the rope dancer superfluous. His fame grew from village to village, but the motions he went through were few and always the same; they were quite ordinary moves…” (pg.490).

In the story, “The Bound Man”, by Ilse Aichingeer, Self-acceptance was the overal theme which was most revealed in the story. It was the truth that the bound man had to realize and the great deal of strengh and hope that encouraged the man to accept life as he was. It was the challenges he had to face with nature and society that led him to accomplish what he felt was needed to be done. Therfore, self-acceptance was greatly shown in this particular piece of writing.

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