Setting of “The Landlady” by Roald Dahl Essay

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Setting of “The Landlady” by Roald Dahl

(From Billy Weaver’s perspective from outside the boarding house) One of the main settings in the short story, “The Landlady”, was the boarding house’s parlour inspected from outside of the building. The setting first took place when I traveled down the wide street of Bath heading to the hotel, Bell and Dragon. There were no shops on this broad street. In the darkened evening, I caught a sight of a notice propped up against the glass on one of the upper panes of a building’s downstairs window. The bright illumination of the street lamp not six metres from the house allowed me to have a clear view of the notice. It said BED AND BREAKFAST. The boarding house was located in a line of identical buildings. I studied the residence and found it ancient. It appeared blotchy from years of neglect.

Even in the pitch-black darkness, I could see that the paint was peeling from the woodwork on its door and windows. The beautiful, snow-white façade was as well cracked. The building had a porch and some pillars and several steps up to its front door. Although they were all aged and weathered, I was certain that the building must have been splendid and magnificent once upon a time. As I approached the house, in front of me were green curtains hanging down on either side of the window. A vase of chrysanthemums stood just beside the curtains, underneath the notice. They bloomed gorgeously in all of the prettiest bronze, gold, scarlet, and yellow shades of autumn. Just by looking at them, I could almost sense a woody fresh scent that smelled exactly like early fall.

The flowers and the green-velvety fabric fitted perfectly together. I inspected the haft-dark room closely from the wooden window. The first thing I saw when I peered through the glass was a ball of blazing fire flittering in the hearth. The fire danced with enthusiasm and gave its heat generously to the surroundings. The room was filled with pleasant, homey furniture. Some plump armchairs, a big comfy sofa, and an old baby-grand piano were displayed in the cozy interior. All curled up on the feathery carpet beside the fire was a delicate, petite dachshund asleep with its nose tucked into its belly. I also spotted a large, handsome parrot in a metallic cage in one corner. He stood proudly with piercing dark-greyish eyes. The parlour was small but snug and home-like and it seemed to be a delightful boarding house.

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