The Art of Fashion: A Perfect Blend of Creativity, Communication, and Utility

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Fashion is always changing of art, the perfect combination of creativity, communication, and utility. For me, it is about self-expression. I chose to study fashion design in secondary school which was very exciting, but I soon realized there are other jobs in fashion, that interested me even more. I have decided to explore it, to find the subject where I could be my best. At the beginning of my career, I chose to work for big international brands with wide customer range - H&M and Marks&Spencer.

They introduced me to visual merchandising, customer service, styling, and the importance of space in retail. I started to read WGSN blog, Dalziel&Pow blog, VMSD magazine and Business of Fashion to broaden my knowledge in marketing, visual communication and branding.

My library also contains books about visual merchandising, strategic planning and entrepreneurship. I was fortunate to work for, Slovakia's largest international luxury fashion brand as an executive manager of the product development.

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I have met experienced professionals and designers, gained knowledge about the standards of the luxury brand, communication, teamwork, planning and working within a budget. Simultaneously, as a freelancer, I helped to build a strategy and visual communication for CILA, a much smaller brand focusing on sustainable fashion, which I am very passionate about. I see myself as a global citizen and believe that actions you do today, will shape your future. I support slow fashion, attend events and meetings about sustainability and zero waste in Slovakia and follow blogs zerowastehome.

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com and for inspiration in life. As a hobby, I dye silk fabrics with food waste from local restaurants and sew dresses or scarves from them. I noticed that visual merchandising is being overlooked and forgotten in Slovakia and there are only few people interested in this profession. I decided to start a freelance project and offered with window displays to companies in Bratislava. The response was positive and several luxury shops and brands like ALIZÉ, Marco Mirelli, and M.ona hired me.

My ambition is to create window displays with meaningful messages and retail spaces that reflect the corporate identity that people understand and identify with. But all this, with the responsible approach and sustainable resources. Sustainability, creativity and general well-being are absolutely important to me. Brands, as well as customers, have to make compromises and think about their shopping choices nowadays. It is time for brands to teach their customers about alternatives and the importance of being sustainable also through the window displays. For me, window display is an art piece put in the street. And it is a powerful tool that delivers a certain message. The decision to apply for university followed many years I spent questioning what exactly my career goal is. After I found a course about the visual merchandising and branding I knew this is something I really want to study. I would like to be surrounded by like-minded people, keep in touch with the art community, explore my limits, exchange knowledge and ideas.

I love learning, so I see academic education as the next step I need to take to push forward the possibilities of the visual merchandising and branding. London College of fashion is a perfect opportunity for people who are striving for knowledge. With its reputation and diverse international community with a different perspective, is ideal for those who want to learn about the fashion industry, art and themselves. I look forward to the challenges of further study in the visual merchandising and branding. I don't expect it to be easy, but I know it will be informative and inspiring.

Updated: Apr 29, 2023
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