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Rudyard Kipling was a man who wrote a poem called "The White Man's Burden" this poems main idea is to help people who do not want help by working hard."The white Man's Burden" meant to burden superior, Intelligent white men by sending them to uncivilized places and helping civilize the uncivilized people. Kipling thinks that Westerners should take on "The White Man's Burden" because it would do good to help people who do not want to be helped. In response to Rudyard Kipling's moving poem "The White Man's Burden" a man named Edmund Morel wrote a powerful book called "The Black Man's Burden" This book in Edmund Morel's eyes was about how black people had the burden of having to fight for the rights that were already handed to white men.

This book was also about how imperialism was hurting african american people and how they ad a very heavy burden and basically saying that "The White Man's Burden" actually meant nothing at all because the "Burden" was not a true burden in the black man's eyes.

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Rudyard Kipling meant no harm by his poem he was actually trying to help men of poorer nature but came off as very offencive towards people like Edmund Morel. Though trying to "help" people Rudyard Kipling should have worded himself differently as opposed to saying that helping lesser human beings was a burden but in his eyes people going out of their ways to work hard to help other people is considered a burden even though its voluntary.

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A reader must understand that the reference to the words "white man" does not mean white men, it refers to powers of colonization. They must also understand that he had a heavy influence from his upbringing in India and that most of his influence was formed from the strife between the control of Great Britain over India. I feel that Kipling was referring to Europe and AMerica not singular people as in the individual. Where as Morel was referring more to his own emotional situation. Basically Kipling was writing a heartfelt response to the recent war and colonization of the Philippines and really had little to do with blacks in a broad sense so the response from Morel seems to be based in dislike for the "white man", if any response was necessary then it should have come from a Phillipino or an Idian not a black man with a chip on his shoulder. Without the so called "white man" the world would not have the advancements that we have. Including the Iphone, if we had not gone to war we would not have helped the Japanese to rebuild and give them money to invest in technology which has benefited whites, Japanese, Philipino, and yes even the black man.

In every corner of history you can see the burden of the "white man" and the benefits that all other men reap from it. Edmund Morel made it clear that he did not want to live his life in silence after reading Rudyard Kipling's poem about imperialism, so Edmund Morel gave a very different view and perspective about imperialism to get his powerful point across even if it was not always in the nicest of ways. It is hard to truly tell the intentions of both of these writers passages. Are their intentions good? Are they bad? You probably won't ever know for sure unless you've met them before, which I am sure no one in today's generation has. There are many different interpretations of these two opposing viewpoints, though there is one main idea of each. People can interpret Rudyard Kipling as "racist" or "hateful" and some might interpret him and his poem as "strong willed" and "helpful". As for Edmund Morel, he could be seen as an angry man for retaliating to Rudyard Kipling's poem in the first place, or he could be seen as a powerful outspoken fighter for his rights. Either way they are both good pieces of literature no matter the writer the messages are powerful in their own.

Updated: Feb 22, 2024
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