Analysis of "If" by Rudyard Kipling

The fist stanza of the poem “If” talks about being true to yourself. There are always people who misjudge you or don’t like or respect you for one reason or the other. It tells you to rise above those obstacles and prove them wrong and yourself right. You should not let others provoke you into doing things which you know are wrong.

The second stanza of the poem talks about overcoming obstacles that may come your way and follow your dreams.

It tells us to persevere, keep going and never give up even when times get rough.  It is hard to jump back in after negative or hurtful things have happened in your life but the third stanza tells us not to give up. If we believe in ourselves, we can surely redo the positive things that made us happy sometime ago over again. The writer obviously knew how hard sometimes life can become. He therefore initiated a sense of hope in this stanza.

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The last stanza tells us that we are all equal no matter what. We shouldn’t and mustn’t put ourselves above or below anyone because we are just as good as anyone else. There is one thing you can relate to in a person if you really look deep down inside and try. It also teaches us to never waste time and make every second of the day that we have count.

In a nutshell, this poem is like a piece of advice to us all to be positive and pay attention to the type of world we live in.

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Analysis of "If" by Rudyard Kipling

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