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No Pain, No Gain: My Path To Success
Words • 1003
Pages • 5
Many assume that success is achieved due to talent, however, few realize that there is a setback in one's success story that leads to one reaching their goals. An athlete’s career can be taken away with just one injury, though, that may not always be the case. As a competitive gymnast, I am well aware that injuries are always at stake, but it is how one makes go of it. They can take the injury and use it as motivation…...
Hard Work And SuccessKey To Success In LifeNever Give UpNo Gain Without Pain
Achieving Freedom by Writing
Words • 340
Pages • 2
First of all, what is writing? Writing is a way to express something we have to say using a textual medium by using a paper and a pen. It is also a peaceful way to express our feelings because it does not bring harm to ourselves and to everyone around us. I have once watched the movie entitled “Freedom Writers”. The Freedom Writers is a true story film which is about a teacher named Ms. Gruwell who tries to make…...
FreedomFreedom WritersNever Give UpWriting
Never Give Up
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Pages • 5
All of us have many dreams in our minds, but hardly few manage to get them fulfilled in the first attempt. Dreaming is the sweetest thing ever, because we always dream about things we love and hope .The best way to reach your dreams and hopes is to work to achieve them and to change them to reality and never giving up in any situation. “Never give up” means keep trying and never stop working for your goals. For many…...
Inspirational personNever Give Up
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Little Rock Nine
Words • 299
Pages • 2
The picture I am painting is of Little Rock Nine. It was about nine black kids who enrolled in Little Rock Central High School in 1957 which was a very segregated time; it was an all white school. When white people found out black kids was going to be attending the school they was furious. They reacted poorly; there were mobs of white people waiting for the kids outside of the school. They yelled racist slurs at the black kids,…...
Never Give Up
Analysis of “If” by Rudyard Kipling
Words • 266
Pages • 2
The fist stanza of the poem “If” talks about being true to yourself. There are always people who misjudge you or don’t like or respect you for one reason or the other. It tells you to rise above those obstacles and prove them wrong and yourself right. You should not let others provoke you into doing things which you know are wrong. The second stanza of the poem talks about overcoming obstacles that may come your way and follow your…...
Never Give UpRudyard Kipling
Expression ‘Never, Never Give Up’
Words • 378
Pages • 2
Topic: The expression 'Never, never give up' means to keep trying and never stop working for your goals. Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer. "Never, never give up" means to keep trying and never stop working for your goals. I think it's a very good piece of advice for all of us. Never stop working for your goals doesn't mean you must be successful; it doesn't even mean that…...
Never Give Up
Novel Reading of The Pact by Sampson Davis
Words • 818
Pages • 4
“The Pact” is a piece of nonfiction by Sampson Davis, George Jenkins, and Rameck Hunt it’s about three people grew up in the intercity and made a pact to go to college and become doctors. The theme of “The Pact” is loyalty because the novel demonstrates that quality in many ways. Being loyal means that you don’t turn your back on your friends, and that you will accept your friends for who they are and what they do. If someone…...
My Hobby Reading NovelsNever Give UpNovel Reading
Hardship: Friendship and People
Words • 2832
Pages • 12
Everyone in life have to been through hardship, it’s depend on own characteristic to solve it. People who never give up when they met their own hard times will always met their success. Sometimes we will just get jealous of some of the person who success but in reality we did not know how they feel when they met their hardships and how much did they pay off to their success. We will never know in case we met the…...
FeelingFriendshipHuman NatureNever Give UpPeopleReason
I wish I was the richest person on earth
Words • 713
Pages • 3
I wish I was the richest person on earth, I wish I was the president of Maldives, I want to be a singer, I want to be a doctor. I’m sure you have dreams like these, well, not precisely, but I’m sure you will have dreams. Anyway, most of the times we see that people hesitate to become what they want to be and often give up on their first or second try. Why do they give up? Haven’t they…...
EarthNever Give UpOprah Winfrey
The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams
Words • 540
Pages • 3
Dreams are the most amazing things in life, we all love to dream and we all love to hope and to see ourselves getting better and achieving more each day. Dreams are the only reason that makes people like me to be happy and force life’s obstacles. I always try to set my goals and work hard as I can to reach them. I believe with determination. Ever since, I never fear to face the hardships of life, because fear…...
BeautyBelieveDreamDreams And AspirationsFutureNever Give Up
A Book That Changed My Life
Words • 791
Pages • 4
We have to admit that some great books have the power to heal our souls and make us better people. Around The World in Eighty Days is just such a book to me. This book is a fiction story written by a French writer, Jules Verne. In this story, an Englishman, Phileas Fogg and his new French valet Passepartout attempt to travel around the world within eighty days just because he had a huge wager with his friends at the…...
ChangeNever Give UpPersonal ChallengesTraveling Around The World
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The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams
...I have always been curious about other cultures and the differences between people in other countries. It would be amazing to travel the whole world with my parents and brothers. In the future I may have new dreams, but the first goal I have to achi...

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