Action Speak Louder Than Words Essay Examples

Action Speak Louder Than Words Essay

Action Speak Louder Than Words
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People tend to relate to what they see rather than what they hear. Seeing is believing (Thomas, 1639) they said. Words cannot be seen or proven unless they are acted out. By saying so, actions can communicate ever more lucidly than what is spoken of. Many people speak of doing endless facets, but they end up only delivering empty promises. People learn from each other, and grow wiser day to day. Promises will not be believed, unless acted upon. In…...
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The Power of Words That We Say
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A silver blade pierces through Julius Caesar’s chest, his lifeless corpse lies still after being stabbed twenty-three times. Many called him an autocrat, tyrant, and dictator, while others said he was a sublime and noble leader; the words people say hold the same or more power as weapons. The power of words is limitless. Time and time again, whether we realize it or not, words have a significant impact on others. This is displayed predominately throughout The Tragedy of Julius…...
Action Speak Louder Than Words
A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words
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They say a picture is worth a thousand words. That’s why a cell phone video of an event such as police activity, is so explosive. Seeing a fellow citizen being handled roughly speaks much louder than reading about it. Likewise, seeing pictures of Mother Theresa amongst the poor and suffering of Calcutta has lasting impact beyond the boundaries of religion. The Pulitzer Prize photo in 1972 of a naked 12 year old Vietnamese girl fleeing a napalm attack helped end…...
Action Speak Louder Than Words
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