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Research of Balance Diet

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Research study background

Eating a well balanced diet plan indicates choosing a variety of foods and beverages from all the food groups. It also suggests eating specific things in moderation, namely hydrogenated fat, trans fat, cholesterol, improved sugar, salt and alcohol. The objective is to take in nutrients you need for health at the suggested levels. Balance diet among UMS student is value can be seen every element in daily life that can effect academic efficiency specifically for UMS student. Due to this, balance diet plan can be refers to people capability to preserve the body healthier.

In other to maintain this balance diet, it would impact student scholastic performance next to the quality of their living.

There are many ways to balance our diet plan well that which can interfere with the control of balance. Some scientists were reported that sex differences among males and females impact the ability to keep balance diet plan. The looks into do exists have actually utilized balance test as a secondary measurement within an overall utilized well balanced test as a secondary measurement within an overall study and show that a reduction in dietary intake.

The importance of balance diet among student is to preserve health. It provides all the important nutrients that the body requires to be healthy and can offer students more focus during class. Next, the healthy balance diet has a favorable impact on a trainee wellness and on a trainee efficiency.

There are several problems regarding to research we want to conduct is the food lack of nutrition (Katz DL, Gonzales, 2004).

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As we can see, the food that serves at UMS cafeteria was lack of nutrition due to they just prepared the food in large scale and mix the food taste too salty or bitter. Then, the students more prefer junk food than balanced diet food (Marion Nestle, 2000). For example, UMS student always tend to eat junk food such as snacks, magi and fast food. Thus, it can affect student performance like did not have enough stamina and at the same time always feel hungry. Other than that, the balance diet among student did not manage meal taken per day properly (Maya W. Paul, Melinda Smith, M.A. and Jeanne Segal Ph. D, 2012). In Ums, some students are studying too much without care about the meal taken. The healthy meal taken every day is 3 times every day. However, the students just eat once or twice times every day. Hence, it can affect the student performance without they realized.

Research problem

Nowadays, the unhealthy balance diet among student especially in UMS, was affect their academic performance. Besides that, the student did not aware about the importance of taking the balance diet in daily life that can give some effect for their academic performance. Then, the quality of food does not guarantee the student’s academic performance.

Research objective

To examine the relationship between the unhealthy balance diet among students UMS towards academic performance. To examine the relationship between the importance of taking balance diet among student towards academic performance. To examine the relationship between the qualities of food take the students take towards academic performance.

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