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Raisin In The Sun Essay Examples

Essay on Raisin In The Sun

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A Raisin in the Sun

A Raisin in the Sun is a story of the Younger Family dealing with racial problems in Chicago slums. Ten thousand dollars arrives in the mail and Lena has to decide what to do with it. Bennie wants it for tuition money, Walter wants it for down payment for the liqueur store and Ruth just wants everyone to be happy. So there is three major events happening: (1) Lena decides to buy a house in a white...

Walter Lee from "A Raisin in the Sun"

Walter Lee is a man who is confused in the beginning and believes to some extent that money is everything and has all power. The family supports Walter Lee but at times get mad at him because they don’t understand why money has to be everything. Walter’s dream has been to have money and take care of his family. He finally understands in the end that his family is the most important thing there...

The American Dream in “A Raisin In The Sun”

This symbolizes how Walter is embarrassed of this job and how badly he wants to invest in the liquor company to become economically independent. His definition of a man is by measuring his success and ability to provide for his family. Walter goes through with trying to make his business happen by using some of the insurance money Mama had; he ends up losing his money to a con-artist and this is ...

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The Importance of Dreams in a Raisin in the Sun

When the entire family starts to put the family’s needs before their own, they realize that the good of the entire family is more important than realizing their own personal goals, and understand the importance of Mama’s dream. Mama’s dream is a key factor in bringing the family together. A new house is exactly what they need to become closer, have a place that they can call their own. Mama...

"Raisin in the Sun"- Play vs Movie

The strong character of Mama is the idealist in this situation, the one who just wants to better her families situation. The scene goes on to show Walter's digust at his mother's decision but I believe there is more there as well. This decision of Mama's not only goes against his dreams but I believe it shows a glimpse into his psyche. I believe Walter views this decision of Mama's as undermining ...

Racism In A Raisin In The Sun

Finally, Beneatha also shows a high sense of pride throughout her character. She makes a few comments proving she is a person with a high sense of pride. Asagai also is quoted for saying "she prides herself on being independent". This proves that she has a high sense of pride since she is a very independent person. She is soo independent that she plans to go to Africa with Asagai. This proves that...

Elements used in Raisin in the Sun

However, without stagecraft, a play cannot be complete. The elements of design produce a world that actors could never create on script alone. In the Playmakers Repertory Company’s production of Raisin in the Sun, the scenic, costume, lighting, and sound design worked cohesively to enhance and develop all aspects of the characters and plot. The provocative themes of escaping poverty, chasing dre...

Reaction to Raisin in the Sun/Dream Defered

Willy Harris steals from his own to get ahead by stealing Walter’s money for the store. Beneatha most represents a feminist who fight the system by wanting to become a doctor and gain an education and fights society's expectations of her as a black woman. Between the play, movie and poem the ideas expressed transcend too many people and can be considered timeless. As humans we all want better si...

Analysis "A Raisin in the Sun" by Lorraine Hansberry

There are several motifs in the story. Home is the central motif in the story around which the whole action revolves, be it the apartment or the new house. Sibling rivalry is another motif that is repeated and expressed to show distinctive and differing views of Benethea and her brother Walter. Another motif is alcohol as even though the family is concerned with Walter's drinking habits, he is det...

Literary Analysis - A Raisin in the Sun

I have three boys of my own and even though we are able to give them so much more than I had growing up, I am proud to say they have purchased their own vehicles and had steady jobs throughout school while playing sports and maintaining good grades. I feel the values our youth of today will gain from these experiences will only help their future endeavors and those that have everything given to th...

A Raisin in the Sun Compare/Contrast Play/Film

In the film, the plot is the same as the play. The dialogue in the film has some deletions from play; new dialogue is added in replacement of the deleted dialogue. Some film techniques used in this scene are: the film cuts back and forth to different characters, and the room is well lit with the sunshine coming in through the window. Perhaps the biggest difference between the play and the film in ...

A Raisin In The Sun Study Guide

Quote 16: “What’s the matter with you all! I didn’t make this world! It was give to me this way. ” Quote 17: “That was what one person could do for another---sew up the problem, make him all right again 3 A Raisin In the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry Study Guide Potential Short Answer 1. What is the setting of the play? 2. What is the central conflict in the play? 3. Define idealist and real...

A Raisin in the Sun Book Review

All in all, A Raisin in the Sun is a very well written book. It is written in such a way that really puts you in the cramped, living conditions with the Youngers and helps readers to understand what it meant to be a poor African American family in the 1950s. Hansberry did a great job in creating solid characters which help to develop the story smoothly and realistically. It was a play I thoroughly...

A Raisin in the Sun vs. Julius Caesar

‘Lord have mercy, ain’t this the living gall!’ ‘All right, you through?’ ‘Well, I want to give you the exact terms of the financial arrangement—’ ‘We don’t want to hear no exact terms of no arrangements. I want to know if you got any more to tell us ‘bout getting together?’ ‘(Taking off his glasses) Well—I don’t suppose that you feel…’ ‘Never mind how I feel—...

Martin Luther King Jr Speech Compared to a Raisin in the Sun

“The life of a Negro is still sadly crippled by the manacles of segregation and the chains of discrimination. This is King explaining that after many years of african americans being released from slavery and become free americans, they are still treated the same and that they are not actually free until the people are all equal regardless to skin color. In the end, they both reflect the conditi...

A Raisin in the Sun: Poem of Insecurities

Conclusively, the family forgot their despair and moved to the new house for a new life. Although they knew it was tough to start everything over, but for them, it was as if their lives had just begun. Lorraine Hansberry had successfully illustrated the four main characters in the story as human beings with desires, dreams, aspirations, conflict, foibles, and strength. And it was "A Raisin in the ...

A raisin in the sun coursework

Lorraine Hansberry is trying to say that Black people in the 1950s experienced a life of discrimination in one way or another. They got here today by having defiance and strength in themselves. Even though they were not treated as equals by some white people, however they made a stand which gave them dignity and the power to be treated as equals. Though black people try to fit into a white neighbo...

Hansberry's A Raisin in the Sun shows the generalization about

A Raisin in the Sun was written in a period where it "augured the insurgency in dark and ladies' awareness." (Nemiroff 5). Through Hansberry's characters inspirations and activities, it is obvious that an upheaval is unfolding in American culture. An approach of social arousing is happening, coming about because of a peaking distress that could never again be disregarded, particularly by the minor...

A Raisin in the Sun Summary

But all of their ideas were self-centered for their own needs or wants. Money is not the key to happiness. Some novels and plays portray the consequences that occur when individuals pursue their own personal good at the expense of the common good of the group or society. Choose such a novel or play, and write a well organized essay that explains how the interests of a character or group of charact...

A Raisin in the Sun: Walter Lee Younger Character Analysis

Throughout the play Walter seemed very ambitious and persistent to accomplish what he had planned. Although Walter’s plans didn’t go as he had planned, things still did work out for the better of him and his family. Instead of taking the money from Lidner, Walter decided to sacrifice his dreams move into the new house. He realized that his family was more important than the plans he had, and t...

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