Rainsford or Zaroff: Who is the Better Hunter?

Although many believe Rainsford is the dominant hunter because he killed Zaroff, it’s clear that Zaroff is the better hunter. It’s shown throughout the story, how he started hunting at the age of 10, how he let Rainsford live because he wanted to keep playing the so called “game”. These is only some of the evidence that proves Zaroff’s dominance over Rainsford. When hunting, intelligence plays a key role. Ranging from knowing how and where to hide and shoot, to knowing how to reason are some key factors when thinking of hunting intelligence.

When Rainsford first started suspecting something sick about Zaroff, it was said by Zaroff on page 21 that, “They indicated a channel where there was none. ”If you had read the previous sentences you would quickly realize that Zaroff setup a trap which requires quite a bit of intelligence. Also on multiple occasions he duly noted the following, “I have grown rather bored of hunting animals with no ability to reason.

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” This is another piece of evidence that suggests his intelligence with hunting. Another key trait when hunting is just your overall ability to do so.

One fine example is when Zaroff explained to Rainsford how when he was a little boy he shot his father’s prize turkeys, but he didn’t get mad… he complimented him on his marksmanship. He states on page 18 that, “He complimented me on my marksmanship. ” Another Detail that was shared is on page 19 when Zaroff questioned, “I wondered why the hut no longer fascinated me.

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” This downright shows Zaroff’s extraordinary ability to hunt if he finds himself getting bored of hunting some of the world’s most dangerous known animals.

Another topic in hunting that can’t and shouldn’t be looked over when hunting is your attitude towards animals. Your prospection on animals is huge for one major reason. It shows your care for what you hunt. For example Zaroff detailed on page 21 how, “The animal had nothing but its legs and its instinct. ” He is boldly showing his superiority over all animals he doesn’t value. The reason I say value is because he has a different feeling towards animals he feels are worthy or useful for something other than steak on a platter.

For example, Zaroff explained how he was in a hunt with a man he killed the man, called him stupid… but then mourned after his hound who he referred to as “The finest hound in my pack” on page 25. ” Although in the end Rainsford won the “Game”, you must not forget that Zaroff has more experience, Zaroff let Rainsford live multiple times to keep the so called game going, and has much more knowledge about hunting than Raisford doeswhich is why Zaroff is clearly the better hunter.

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Rainsford or Zaroff: Who is the Better Hunter?

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