Racism Essay Topics

The study of African American children, race & the workplace

It is that which may either constrain or privilege their choice of occupation. Racism is all about inferiority and superiority. Most people would rather not see the good qualities other races possess. They do not realize that they share the same traits they brag about with people from a race unlike their own. Besides, they… View Article

Examples of institutional racism

Although subtler than it has been in Western society, IR is still prevalent as a social factor. For example, Stephen Lawrence, a black teenager ‘was unlawfully killed in a completely unprovoked racist attack by five white youths on April 22, 1993’ (Macpherson, 1999). What was disturbing about this incident is that the inquest took 6… View Article

Institutional racism: it is real

Power, wealth, and prestige. These are elements that humanity has been striving for since the age of man. Inherent in these objectives is struggle. Who shall be dominant? To whom shall the prevailing structure of society be based? In modern society the power, wealth and prestige has been the blanket that wraps Western European culture…. View Article

Prevalence of Racism within Police Departments

Abstract             Racism is always associated with the occurrence of Police Brutality in the country. Police violence’s had been reported from different states in the country. According to some notable information, race is an instrument in treating criminals or violators. This implies that Black and Whites are fostering a biased attitude in their counter-part race…. View Article

Racism and its Inevitability as Portrayed in Crash

Paul Haggis’ Crash was one of the biggest movie hits of 2004. Wining three Oscars at the 2005 Academy Awards, this film is undeniably written in film history as one of the greatest of this generation. Often described as a movie about how lives of different people intertwine through a twist of fate, Crash is… View Article

Ethnicity and Racism

Introduction Ethnic identity in varied urban society is maintained against force to assimilate, in part, by an opposing process of pejorative and odious distinction. Name-calling serves to expound and to restate demarcations against which one positively mirrors oneself and one’s group. Schermerhorn, cited in Sollors (1996), illustrates an ethnic group as follows: A collectivity within… View Article

Malcom X and Racial Identity Development

Racial Identity Development is the steps minority or majority groups go through to gain understanding of their racial identity. Many people don’t go through all these stages in their life and it requires a lot of inner growth to get there. After watching Malcom X, a civil rights leader, I saw how Malcom went through… View Article

The Race Motif in Devil in a Blue Dress

Although Devil in a Blue Dress (1995), directed by Carl Franklin and starring Denzel Washington and Jennifer Beals, is clearly a film noir with all the entertainment appeals of that genre, mystery, murder, and suspense, the film goes beyond that genre appeals and reveals certain contemporary social implication, in particular, that the film is as… View Article

The war on crime and its racial components

Apparent racial inequalities and disparities in the administration of justice system have chosen to come to stay. It was relatively mild and insignificantly co-exited with justice until 1980, when it soared into a rather worse state which eventually culminated into a several severe public debate. This development in 1980 was not unconnected with the politically… View Article

Racism In Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird

Racism is about control.  In southern literature this control is very prevalent.  In this essay the focus of racism in southern literature will be scrutinized, dissected, and analyzed.  Since racism is about control, the unfettering of such belligerence becomes didactic in the making of a novel.             In Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird racism… View Article

Trends in Racism Reporting

Racism in reporting seemed to have peaked during the 1950s.  Perhaps the reason for the peak was that the whites and the blacks in America had shared a master-slave relationship in the past.  The Civil Rights Movement had called for changing the status quo.  The demand for equal rights for the blacks was met with… View Article

Tutorial Presentation

Question 1: Do you think that institutional racism as identified by Mooney is socially ingrained that only a miracle could ever give equal services to indigenous Australian’s? Answer: Australia have had a long history for ignoring the aboriginal people of Australia, they have claimed that Australia was empty when they first arrived in the colony… View Article

Racism in the Tuskegee Experiment

The Tuskegee experiment, begun in 1932 by the United States Public Health Service in Macon County, Alabama, used 400 black men who suffered from advanced stages of syphilis.  This study was not a means of finding a cure; the patients offered no preventative measures to prolong or better life.  Although the history and nature of… View Article

I Have a Dream Speech

1- The analogy in Paragraphs 4 through 6 of the speech “ I have a Dream”, use the similarity or comparability analogy. Which is means analogy is a comparison between two different things in order to highlight some point of similarity. As Freud suggested, an analogy won’t settle an argument, but a good one may… View Article

Police Brutality Among Nigerian Males In Philadelphia

Cultural prejudice is like a virus that is transmitted from human to human and like a parasite eats up a society and its reasoning. These prejudices are reflected in our day to day life. How often we see a white women shying away from young African American male on the street reflecting the basic stereotyped… View Article

The Social Issues of Racism

Racism, by its true definition, has existed since the beginning of time and it can be defined purely as conflicts in social issues through the ramifications of discrimination. Dictionaries, for the most part, are not much help in understanding what the true meaning of the word is. There in its self is where the greatest… View Article

The Black writers

Whether Racism is an issue of not in USA (also in some Western Countries), it is a flourishing business. The Black writers are aware of this fact and do not hesitate to take ‘un’due advantage of the situation. When a Black writer takes on another ‘black’ writer, the basic issue, the calamity of being a… View Article

Enid Lee, Incorporating Antiracism

In “Taking Multicultural, Antiracist Education Seriously,” Barbara Miner interviews Enid Lee, a “leader in antiracist education” as noted on her website, Enidlee. com. She pushes for the use of the term ‘antiracist’ because the tem currently in use, ‘multicultural’, is too nice, focusing more on food and fun rather than hard issues of racism. Although… View Article

What Is Racism?

What is racism? Racism is a person who dislikes or hates another race or culture. This also means prejudice and discrimination. Racism started long ago even before slavery with the Africans or blacks. For an example, the Greeks and Romans didn’t like the Barbarians which were people who lived in northern Europe. They called them… View Article

Is John Stewart Mill a racist

Is John Stewart Mill a racist? That is a very strong charge against someone that promotes the sovereignty of the individual over that of the race/community/state. Many critics run the gamut on this issue. Some believe that he is because the list of those entitled to personal autonomy excludes those that live in “backward societies…. View Article

Environmental Racism

Melissa Checker’s Polluted Promises: Environmental Racism and the Search for Justice in a Southern Town (2005) New York: New York University Press. Is one of checker’s best books and has gained fame over the times. Scholars have argued that this novel is set up in an environment which is imbalanced. Environmental inequity is evident in… View Article

Analyzing White America

After viewing “Analyzing White America” by Paul Mooney, I was initially taken aback by the content. I never expected the rawness that Mooney brought to the stage and he hit the ground running with such a tone without looking back. A lot of the material made me laugh or at the very least smile because… View Article

Black Americans

Firstly black Americans faced problems in the south because of lynching and the Jim Crow Laws. Lynching meant that racist white Americans would put the law into their own hands and punish black people whenever they please. They would hang the victim from a tree. In 1897 123 black people were lynched in the south,… View Article

Current Examples of Fascism

Even though there aren’t any more fascist countries in the world, there are many groups or organizations that have still been running using fascist ideologies. The KKK, or the Ku Klux Klan, is a racist, anti-Semitic movement with a commitment to extreme violence to achieve its goals of racial segregation and white supremacy. Of all… View Article

Different Cultural Identities Dilemma

The memoir Farewell to Manzanar, written by Jeanne Wakatsuki Houston, tells of her experience at Manzanar internment camp after the Pacific War broke out. During the internment of Japanese-Americans, their living standards fell drastically; moreover, they faced Japanese and American values and identity conflicts. It was hard for these Japanese Americans to maintain two different… View Article

Discrimination Paper

As you all probably know: discrimination is any situation in which a group or individual is treated differently based on something other than individual reason, usually their membership in a socially distinct group or category. These categories include ethnicity, sex, religion, age or disability. Discrimination can be thought of as favorable or unfavorable; however, today,… View Article

White Privilege in American Society

“Privilege is the greatest enemy of equality. ” This quote from a noted Austrian novelist, Marie Von Ebner-Eschenbach, perhaps describes the harm of “white privilege” on American society. By its very definition privilege is a grace bestowed on one over another (Webster, 2006). In that sense, privilege is in and of itself an opposition to… View Article

White Denial-Strong Response

In the article, “(Proto)Typical White Denial: Reflections on Racism and Uncomfortable Realities”, written by Tim Wise he informs his readers that the article is not his first about white denial. He also reminds his readers that when talking about white denial, someone is bound to get offended. Wise received an email from a man claiming… View Article

Martin Luther King -Research Paper

ABSTRACT Countless individuals have been leaders for racial justice throughout history. Some are well known and some will never be known. The individuals here are neither the most important nor the best known; they are simply some representative figures that we have chosen in hopes that their stories may inspire others. Most of the individuals… View Article

“One Friday Morning” by Langston Hughes

The short story “One Friday Morning” by Langston Hughes is about a young African American girl, Nancy Lee, who recently moved to the north with her parents so they may provide her with a better life and schooling. Extremely talented in watercolor painting, she aspired to make that her major in college. Because of racial… View Article