How School Education Can Help End Racism

As a high school student, I’ve been through 1o years of education. And during the first few years in elementary school, the world seemed perfect. My friends were awesome, my teachers were kind, and I lived with a loving family. But throughout middle and high school, I discovered the alarming truth and stigma around race. Social media, youtube, and even news, became relevant through my daily life an I began seeing things I never confronted. Racism. With the various social experiments involving race to some of the political movements covered on the News, I realized that racism was a big conflict.

From my time in school, students, including myself, distanced ourselves from these social issues because it is so controversial; but is time for change.

We see political figures, celebrities, and even athletes, that try to fight to stop racial unjust in society. However, part of the issue is that society is separated into 2 sides. One side will say something, while the other side quickly rejects them and tells them they are wrong.

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People need to learn to listen to each other instead of continuously arguing. Society will make little progress to effectively address this issue if the two sides continue dismiss each other as inadequate, inappropriate, or not to one’s taste. You, the students of my generation, can learn to stand against discrimination. It’s our moral obligation as students, to urge the board of education to implement further teaching about racism so we can prevent the issues of the past from happening.

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Overall, it may not seem like a big issue,because people can ignore it when it happens. Some students do not take action against racism. I believe that these kids are nervous to take action because they are fear the outcome. I can personally relate to this, as I have seen racism occur, but was hesitant to step up for the victim because I never wanted to get in an argument with someone. Scott Simon, an admired writer and broadcaster who won the Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Award and speaks about a wide variety of topics on NPR, recently asked listeners to share their own stories about racism at school from the past or present. One of the former students, Lily Lee a Hmong-American, describes the racism she experienced against her ethnicity in school. ‘“You know, at first I didn’t really think about it, I just felt it was school.

Then the other children started singing songs, and they would make these gestures. They would slant their eyes up and then they would slant it down and then they would pull out their shirts like Christmas trees or breasts and they would sing ‘Chinese, Japanese, what are these? Christmas trees.’ And they would do that every single day.”’ To many kids, school is a safe environment. But for Lily, it was a place where she was tormented and bullied continuously for something that was out of her control. She was insecure at school because no one stood up for her. And looking back on it decades after, she feels furios that no one ever helped her. No one had the confidence or belief to stand up for her because they lacked education about racism. Racism is inhumane and oppressive which goes against the golden rule: treat others how you would like to treat people.

With education, the schools can teach students to act humane and uphold the golden rule. And so far, as an influential country, we have done little to address these issues. In society, we see public figures fall guilty to the use of racism. Public figures are intended to set a good example for others for students, therefore it should be appalling when they In an article by the New York Times, author Melanye Price, discusses Governor Northam’s silence on racism. Recently, reporters challenged Governor Northam after they discovered a picture of him in his 1984 college yearbook, where he is pictured with black face (Black face was makeup that makes a white person look like a black person). next to another person in a Ku Klux Klan Robe. With reporters actively pressuring him for an explanation, the governor has failed to clear up the issue by admitting his past actions were immoral.

With total disregard for its true influence, blackface existed for people’s entertainment as it would amuse them by acting out the most offensive and dehumanizing stereotypes of black people. Imagine the magnitude of the negative impact that the blackface had on all the African American population. Mr Northam was an adult, so why has he not admitted his mistakes? Because back in the day, people Nowadays, this behavior is deeply disrespectful and unacceptable. The governor clearly had no understanding of racism at the time because there was no education about it. He grew up at a time when majority of children attended racially segregated schools. And during his years of education, he could have instilled the racist views of many white people.

Society has grown from that time, and reformed from openly accepting racism to no being hostile towards it. He was unaware of the repercussions of his actions at the time and consequently, must own up to his mistakes years later. Today, more than 30 years after the incident, schools have resources and opportunity to prevent this from ever happening again by teaching students to. We have ended slavery and segregation to promote equality, but racial bias and prejudice remains. From the book, The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, by Rebecca Skloot, I learned about the severe racial bias that existed throughout the 60’s. I understand that the black communities may of had suffered from poverty, but it shouldn’t excuse the prejudice against any group.

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