Tim Wise on White Privilege and Denial in Addressing Racial Inequality

Tim Wise made a speech on white privilege, white denial, and the cost of inequality Basically he focused on the nature of white privilege and how it came to be that way His presentation was relevant to understanding social injustice and oppression. Often times the white race has the upper hand and this speech gives insight into the history and make-up of that dynamic between the white race and other races, To me, this speech had a bit of a history lesson feel to it I actually learned a lot about the white race and its history.

I learned that back in Europe before America was even founded, poor white people and black people were enslaved together.

This brought them together because they were in the same economic and labor predicament Once America was founded, this continued happening. The elite landowners gave the white slaves a bit of land and a bit of power, which left the black slaves with absolutely nothing This divided up the races but still kept the poor white people oppressed without them knowing it, I honestly could not come up with much in the way of reservations in regard to this presentations I really enjoyed this speech It is interesting and different to see a white man (who in many cases, or at least in traditional cases, would be the dominant oppressor) speak out about injustice and inequality of those other than people of his own race.

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However, I wish that he did cite his sources more when he talked about the history of the white race, He did an excellent job giving primary sources when talking about the fallout between the black and white people in New Orleans after the hurricane, but he did not say where he got his historical information from.

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In terms of enhancing the understanding of issues related to social injustice and oppression, this speech helped put white and black dynamics into perspective The way Tim describes the history of dividing races and how that is still a common theme today makes me realize that injustice and oppression are still very real and prevalent problems today.

Updated: May 03, 2023
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Tim Wise on White Privilege and Denial in Addressing Racial Inequality essay
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